Are you a good listener and like to be part of discussions? Do you want to contribute to improving your and your fellow students’ education while improving your communications skills? Are you interested in becoming engaged in one of LundaEkonomerna’s largest committees? Then the Student Agent Coordinator role is ideal for you! 

About the Student Agent Coordinator

The Student Agent Coordinators host meetings and moderate discussions with the Student Agents they recruit. You will also be part of creating summaries from your meetings that are used to bring the students’ opinions forward to higher instances. Being open to others’ thoughts and ideas, while also being able to lead discussions towards certain subjects, are crucial for this role. You light the spark of educational surveillance! 

About the Education Committee

The Education Committee’s main task is educational surveillance. Through the Speak Up Days, collaboration with student agents, and by gathering opinions of our fellow students we make sure that your voices are heard through department meetings with the school. Furthermore, we take care of any student issues you may have during your studies at LUSEM. 

As a committee member, you will be both a student representative and part of a certain working group. You will plan and execute the committee work within your team, as well as go to board meetings. We also value spending time with each other and having different types of team building events.

This spring we are looking for student representatives for the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Law, and the Bachelor Programme Council. Please note that you do not have to study courses given at your assigned department to become a student representative there! The purpose of being a student representative is to ensure that our students are part of all important decisions made at LUSEM. You will be the voice of your fellow students!

The Education Committee – always on your side!

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