Do you want to make a difference? Do you like to be part of discussions? Do you want to make new friends? Then you should apply for Student Agent! 

We are recruiting Student Agents!

As a Student Agent, you are the voice of your classmates. You will take part in panel discussions arranged by members of the Education Committee. Your opinions are then forwarded to higher instances through written reports and through continuous feedback to the different departments of LUSEM. As a Student Agent, you can really make a difference! You will also get the opportunity to make new friends and memories, and attend a Thank You Seating at the end of the semester. Help us improve our education! 

About the Education Committee

The Education Committee’s main task is educational surveillance. Through the Speak Up Days, collaboration with student agents, and by gathering opinions of our fellow students, we make sure that your voices are heard through department meetings with the school. Furthermore, we take care of any student issues you may have during your studies at LUSEM. 

The Education Committee – Always on your side!

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