Do you want to become a part of the LE Choir? Do you love to sing and have an interest in singing in harmonies? Do you want to sing in a group with talented people and explore your own musicality? Then LE Choir is something for you!

About being a Singer in LE Choir:

LE Choir is a committee consisting of nine members. One Project Leader, one Musician, and seven Singers with different individual roles. LE Choir sings at all kinds of LundaEkonomevents such as Vinterbalen, Visboken, Pytten, the Novice Party and many more. Being a Singer in LE Choir is a one-year commitment and involves singing at all kinds of different events, but also a lot of practicing and especially close to events. You need to have an interest in being creative, learn a lot of different music and develop new skills within singing. You also need to have the interest to learn and sing in harmonies. We work as a group and we develop as a group!

The last year has been different and proven to be a perfect opportunity to develop our digital work tools. In the upcoming semester, we in the choir will strive to develop our musical skills by recording more songs and videos for them!

If you want to spread your love for music together with a group of people who shares the same passion, LE Choir is for you! Sounds too good to be true?

Think again! Apply below!

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