Are you interested in what goes into making event experiences as smooth as possible for participants? Do you find yourself constantly wanting to optimize the way you, or other people, work? Then do not hesitate to apply for the position of Logistics Coordinator of the Lund European Business Tour!

Logistics Coordinator
As Logistics Coordinator, your main responsibility is to organize the trip, ensuring everything goes according to plan, making it an enjoyable experience without interruptions for the participants. You are in charge of booking ways of transportation and accommodation – while creating a schedule for the trip which is efficient, but not stressful. Being the Logistics Coordinator of LEBT, you gain invaluable experience in organizing events with lots of moving variables.

We are looking for a highly organized person with an understanding of what creates an enjoyable experience for participants. If you want to improve your ability to manage lots of moving pieces, creating an unforgettable trip for the students of LUSEM – do not hesitate to apply for the role as Logistics Coordinator of the Lund European Business Tour! However, the most important thing is that you are genuinely excited about the project and want to facilitate your fellow students’ career paths.

About the Lund European Business Tour
The Lund European Business Tour arranges a platform for students to meet their future international employers. We want to give LUSEM’s students the opportunity to interact with top employers in some of the most attractive cities in Europe. By selecting the most distinguished companies that meet our students’ aspirations and interests, we create a beneficial event for both employers and students.

Not only is this an amazing opportunity to interact with some of the top employers in the World, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people and develop your networking skills.


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