Are you curious about working life and future employers? Are you interested in working with events and companies throughout the year? Are you organized structured but also creative? If yes, then Project Leader of the Corporate Relations Committee sounds like something for you!


Corporate Relations Committee is the committee within the LundaEkonomerna that has ongoing and close contact with businesses through corporate events in all shapes and forms, from lunch lectures to inspiring Breakfast Clubs and corporate days. As the Project Leader of the Corporate Relations Committee, you will get the opportunity to be a part of the directional decisions within both the committee and LundaEkonomerna as a whole. You will start as being Vice Project Leader for one semester, where you, together with the two current Project Leaders, will be the head of operations and run the committee consisting of an additional 16 excited members. You will have the opportunity to develop the committee in the direction you desire as well as challenge both yourself and the committee members to reach your ambitions.


The Corporate Relations Committee arranges a lot of events every semester, however, the workload is higher during the autumn as there are more events taking place which is why there are two project leaders during the autumn and one during the spring. Your work will mainly consist of coordinating the work within the committee to ensure that it’s managed in a professional and satisfactory manner, as well as having the responsibility to maintain established relations with companies. Further on, sales is also a big task for the committee, selling lecture spots to non-partner companies. Does this sound like a great challenge? It will be the time of your life!

Take the chance! Click on the link below to apply or recommend someone that would be perfect!


As a Project Leader, you will become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna. In the Collegium you will together with the other Project Leaders be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and have the opportunity to impact the union as a whole.


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