Are you calm, structured and known for standing steady when the wind blows?
Then you should apply to be the Logistics & Procurement Coordinator of Future of Case!

About the position

As the Logistics & Procurement Coordinator of Future of Case, you will be in charge of the logistics during the events. This includes, but is not excluded to, making schedules and booking rooms. Additionally, you will also be responsible for making the purchases associated with arranging a larger case competition and some smaller events, such as food and necessary material for case solving.

We are looking for a person who has the ability to work in a structured manner and does not leave anything to chance. Being able to stay calm in stressful situations and adapt to unforeseen circumstances are also personal skills that are highly valued in this position.

About Future of Case
Future of Case is LundaEkonomernas new Case project, which will be arranged in close collaboration with LUSEM. In case you are not familiar with the concept of case solving, it can be described (in a very general way) as finding and proposing solutions to problems, everything from estimating how many bicycles there are in the city of Lund to proposing a business plan for a newly started company.

During the autumn semester, the committee will host several smaller events with the aim to introduce and educate members of LundaEkonomerna in case solving. These events will lead up to a larger case competition this winter, which will end with a grand gala. In total, the committee will consist of seven members that will work together to create the best Case events this union has ever seen.

Are you in for a ride by being part of creating one of the best case-contests in Sweden and leaving a mark which will have a large impact on future generations of LundaEkonomer? Are you passionate about case solving and want to get a deeper understanding for what a future business job could be like? And do you want to meet lots of new people and have your best semester in Lund? Then you should not hesitate to apply to be part of the Future of Case!

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Alfred Nilsson at 🙂

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