About being a Vice Project Leader to be the project leader of the Treasury

As a Project Leader of the Treasury, you mainly work with the current accounting for the union’s expenses as well as handling the private expenses within the union’s expense reporting system. The work entails working in our accounting program (Fortnox) as well as using LundaEkonomerna’s budget as guidance for the accounting. Along with this you will get a broader understanding of the union as a whole as well as improve your accounting and finance skills.

The position is for one year and the workload of the position will vary depending on the operations within LundaEkonomerna, more events and activities entail a heavier workload, with an approximate of 10-15 hours a week. The position requires having an organized work structure, and being meticulous as well as having an interest in accounting. The position has no requirements of prior knowledge in accounting or leadership skills but its highly recommended.

About the Treasury

The Treasury consists of two committee members and two project leaders and their main function is to support and alleviate the Treasurer in certain tasks related to the finances and accounting of the union. The Treasury works closely together with the Treasurer and its main tasks and responsibilities consist of handling the influx of receipts and expense reports, the current accounting and bookkeeping of the union’s transactions, and assisting the Treasurer in other additional various financial administration tasks.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity which is the perfect stepping-stone into improving your accounting and finance skills!

Apply no later than the 2nd of May.

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Contact Lucas Bengtsson at treasurer@lundaekonomerna.se