Are you self-motivated, responsible and driven? Do you want to expand your corporate network and help students connect with their future employers? Then the role as a Contact Person within the Corporate Relations Committee is for you!

About the Position

We are looking for six new Contact Persons for the upcoming two semesters. As a Contact Person, you will take on the role of the Key Account manager for one of LundaEkonomerna’s partner companies (SEB, Grant Thronton, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, and EY). The main task of this position is to work as the link between LundaEkonomerna and one of its partner companies. You will work together with company representatives from this company in organizing and hosting events for students. You will also assist the company in reaching out to the students, by processing marketing materials and such, and overall maintain the relationship with the company. This position will allow you to make strong connections with company representatives and give you a taste of what corporate life is like.   

The workload of the position will vary, with approximately 8 – 10 hours a week and with a slightly heavier workload during the autumn semester. The position requires a good sense of professionalism, a creative and organized mindset, and a desire to take on responsibility.      

Don’t miss out on this opportunity which is the perfect stepping-stone into your future career!

Apply no later than 9th of May

About the Corporate Relations Committee
The Corporate Relations Committee arranges a lot of events every semester, however, the workload is higher during the autumn as there are more events taking place which is why there are two project leaders during the autumn and one during the spring. Your work will mainly consist of coordinating the work within the committee to ensure that it’s managed in a professional and satisfactory manner, as well as having the responsibility to maintain established relations with companies. Further on, sales are also a big task for the committee, selling lecture spots to non-partner companies. Does this sound like a great challenge? It will be the time of your life!


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