Do you possess a great eye for photography and know your way behind the camera? Do you possess a creative mindset and a hunger to make our committee look as great as possible?

About the Position
The role of Corporate Photographer means that you will be responsible for the camera work for the committee which means capturing the best moments of our corporate events. The Corporate Photographer is a new concept for the committee since the autumn of 2019 which aims to make the Corporate Relations Committee more independent when it comes to what we want to communicate to our members. You will be responsible for making sure that we always have someone to take photos at our events and that we have a camera to do so with. The concept is still very new which gives you as the Corporate Photographer to incorporate new ideas and procedures.

The position requires a good eye for marketing, creativity, and an organized mindset. No previous photography experiences are needed, although you should be eager to take on the responsibility and possess a strong interest in learning new things. The workload on the position varies, but an approximate weekly amount of 5-10 hours.

About the Corporate Relations Committee
The Corporate Relations Committee arranges a lot of events every semester, however, the workload is higher during the autumn as there are more events taking place which is why there are two project leaders during the autumn and one during the spring. Your work will mainly consist of coordinating the work within the committee to ensure that it’s managed in a professional and satisfactory manner, as well as having the responsibility to maintain established relations with companies. Further on, sales are also a big task for the committee, selling lecture spots to non-partner companies. Does this sound like a great challenge? It will be the time of your life!


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