Are you social, outgoing, and want to take part in creating the most spectacular events of LundaEkonomerna? Then Sexmästeriet is the committee for you! We are now recruiting a new Vice Hovmästare to be Hovmästare, a new Vice Barmästare to Barmästare and a Vice Hjältemästare to be Hjältemästare!

About the position

The Barmästare’s main responsibility is to handle all of the alcohol-related matters of the events. It will be your job to calculate the amount of alcohol needed, place the order and buy supplies needed for the events. On the day of the actual event, you will go and collect the order at Systembolaget, and later on, in the evening, it is your job to be in charge of serving the alcohol and running the bar.

This position also has a lot of contact with the workers who staff for Sexmästeriet, so it is important that you enjoy working with people. We are looking for someone who is outgoing, thick-skinned, good at handling different kinds of people, and enjoys working in the bar.

You have to be minimum of 20 years old and have a driver’s license to apply for the role of Vice Barmästare.

About the committee

Our committee is the working force behind all of Lundaekonomerna’s big events and it is our job to make sure things run smoothly and that everyone has a good time. Leading up to the events, the workload can be quite heavy, especially on the day of the event during which we work long hours. Sometimes we will work from early mornings to late nights. Sexmästeriet consists of eight members who all work very closely with each other, making us all super tight and somewhat of an extra family.

Sexmästeriet differs a bit in structure comparing to other committees of Lundaekonomerna. As a Vice Hov/Bar/Hjälte-mästare, you will spend the first half-year working alongside the current Hov/Bar/Hjälte-mästare. This period is meant for you to learn from them and how we do things in Sexmästeriet. After having shadowed and worked alongside your Mästare you will be prepared for the responsibilities and take on the role of Mästare yourself.


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