Are you innovative? Driven? Interested in sales and connecting with new and inspiring companies, organizations, and people? Goal-oriented? If so, apply to become the next External Relations Coordinator for WILMA no later than the 23rd of May. 

About being an External Relations Coordinator 
As the Event Coordinator of WILMA, your main responsibilities include planning, organizing, and carrying out internal and external events for both students and mentors of the program. WILMA holds at least three events each semester – such as a network evening or an inspiring lecture. Your tasks will include everything from finding a suitable venue and food options to planning activities and decorations.  In other words, you are well organized, creative, and have the ability to multitask and plan in advance. You are also expected to participate and engage in WILMA’s general activities, meetings, and event planning.

WILMA is a mentor program for students of all genders studying at Lund University School of Economics and Management and female business mentors with experience from the working life. Through interactive activities, inspirational lectures, and networking evenings, the WILMA network functions as a source of inspiration and a possibility to create valuable contacts for the future.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Apply no later than the 23rd of May.


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