Do you wish to express your creative flow using programs such as Photoshop? Maybe have ideas on how to capture people’s eyes in one glance? Or do you need a place where you can escape from school work and have an outlet for creativeness? Then content creation might just be for you!

Being a content creator within The Marketing Group

As a content creator, you will among other design posters for other committees. May it be posters for events or recruitment. You will create content for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. There are no restrictions to how creative you may be, let your creativeness flow! Being the content creator you often have free hands-on what you can do, hence having a creative mind is in favor.

As a member of the Marketing Group, you are expected to adhere to the responsibility that comes with your role. These include being professional, do the work that is being expected of you, and attend the weekly meetings.

The workload will vary during the semester but will be within the range of 7-10h/week.

About The Marketing Group

The Marketing Group produces graphic material and photography assistance. We work daily on how LundaEkonomerna is presented externally as well as internally. By actively communicating with the other committees, we are able to find the best ways to reach out to the students of LUSEM about all the events going on in our student union

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