Do you have a big interest in marketing? Are you organized, creative, and willing to put in time and effort into an important matter of the daily work in our student union? If so, then you seem to be a perfect match for the position of Vice Project Leader to be Project Leader of the Marketing Group!

The Marketing Group is the helping hand for all the committees within the union as well as the student body itself. The committee provides marketing services in all shapes and forms, from graphic material to photography assistance – thanks to the different members of the committee: photographers, content creators, and event coordinators. Being the Project Leader, you will have the overall responsibility of the work, making sure it’s done correctly. As for many other Vice Project Leader positions, you will have that position for the first part of the year, and then become the Project Leader during the second half of the year.

Your main responsibilities will be to motivate and coordinate the members of the committee and ensure that the ongoing work is running smoothly. This also requires that you sometimes have to help the committee members in times of high workload. A structured personality, as well as being driven and creative, in order to keep improving Marketing Group and its work is important for the role. The workload is rather steady, with slightly higher pressure at the beginning of each semester as well as during periods with a lot of events.

As Project Leader, you will also become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna, where you together will the other Project Leaders will be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and also have the opportunity to impact the Union as a whole.

By having this position, you will have the chance to contribute to the profile of LundaEkonomerna, develop your leadership skills, and deep dive into the field of marketing, alongside your studies. Sounds like the perfect combination? Then, Christmas came early for you!

As a Project Leader, you will become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna. In the Collegium, you will together with the other Project Leaders be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and have the opportunity to impact the union as a whole.

Last day to apply is the 28th.

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