We are SO excited to announce our first Sittning! On the 4th of December, we are welcoming all of you to a special event to celebrate Midsummer. YES, MIDSUMMER IN DECEMBER!! We have decided to go with the theme to give all students the chance to experience THE most popular tradition in Sweden.

We will also host a flower-crown session during the day of the sittning so you really can channel the ultimate Midsummer look.  

Look forward to the night of your life!! We will play classic midsummer games, sing songs, and of course serve midsummer meals prepared for you!

Date of Sittning?

Mingle at 18:00

Moroten and Piskan

Black Tie with a twist of Midsummer  

Ticket release?

On Monday, November 22nd, we will release a limited amount to exchange students only. On Tuesday, November 23rd we’ll then release the remaining tickets to all students of Lund University.

This will be your chance to get your hands on the remaining tickets, but remember:


* Maximum 1  ticket per person 

* Be QUICK, you don’t want to miss this event

* Ticket release starts at 15:00 SHARP

You definitely don’t want to miss this! Skip the FOMO and sign up! 

For more information and regular updates, follow us on Instagram @intc.le

All tickets are PERSONAL and you have to contact us if you cannot attend at student.rel.intc@lundaekonomerna.se

With so much love, 

Your INTC Committee



Contact Sebastian Persson at student.rel.intc@lundaekonomerna.se