This night will give you a great opportunity to be a part of our beloved songbook. Since we’re currently updating it and we want YOU & YOUR songs to be a part of it! Furthermore, the evening will include homemade pizza at one of your places, an EPIC pre-party at Skånis and we’ll end the night by going out in true carnival style! Where? Wait and see!

So let’s describe this event as an attempt from us to create our own version of a bike party, with a twist! You will sign up in groups of three and at least one of you has to be able to host. Living close to Ekonomihögskolan is definitely a perk hehe. 17.00 we’ll all meet up at Skånis where you’ll get divided into groups of nine (three times three). Once you’ve picked up the goods, it’s time to get going. A couple of hours will be spent at one of your own places, where pizza will be made and snapsvise-brainstorming will take place. Later on, we’ll meet up at Skånis again for the craziest pre-party of the year, but do NOT forget, your key to get in is an original, even more legendary snapsvisa.

Afterparty: TBA


Carnival X



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