What is this trendy word “consulting”? How can you overcome the case interviews and land a job in the sector? Or are you simply interested in case competitions and want to raise LUSEM flags internationally? Then LECCC is looking for YOU!

About the Committee

LECCC is a newly found project that aims to introduce the consulting sector and pave the journey to landing a job in consulting and to increase LUSEM presence and success in national and international case competitions

About the position

The primary task of the Communications Coordinator is to be driven in branding and marketing the committee, its events, and its purpose.  You will be the one responsible for creating and publishing content related to LECCC and its operations. Subtasks include:

– The main responsibility of LECCC’s Instagram and Facebook group

-Communication with the Event Coordinator and External Relations Coordinator regarding what type of marketing material is desired.

-Create marketing material for the project’s community events.

-Consult Marketing Group in regards to marketing content for corporate/workshop events.

Creating marketing banners for our events and social media content would be part of your routines as a Communications Coordinator, but feel free to add a touch of your personal signature as we want the content as unique as yourself! It will be your very own brand management project!

The only requirement is a genuine passion for marketing, consulting, and case competitions with a drive to take LUSEM students a step forward toward their goals, whether it is winning a case competition or a contract with their favorite consulting firm.

The last day to apply is the 24th of September. Don’t miss that!

Apply now


Contact Hugo at edu.affairs@lundaekonomerna.se

Or contact Mafalda at leccc@lundaekonomerna.se or Miriama at vice.leccc@lundaekonomerna.se