Ever wanted to be in the position as the director of an orchestra? That very much sums up the position as the Speaker of the General Council at LundaEkonomerna.

This person is responsible for, and in charge of, LundaEkonomerna´s highest decision-making entity – the General Council. During the General Council meetings all major decisions concerning LundaEkonomerna are taken. For example deciding on the Union´s budget, electing the board and all Project Leaders, but also discussing many strategic questions.

The Speaker’s work is mostly connected to the actual General Council meetings and the preparations prior to these. Before the meeting, the position entails you to organize matters such as booking meeting rooms, handling food preparations, put together the agenda and making sure members of the council are informed and up to date. In addition, you will have close contact with the Board as well as the Nominations Committee throughout the commitment. During the meeting, you are in charge of the discussions, making sure the agenda is followed. You structure the meeting so that everyone gets to say what they want to say without interrupting anyone else. As Speaker, it’s good if you are organized and structured – the meetings can sometimes be hectic and it’s your job to make sure that they run smoothly. In addition, having an interest in both the decision-making process of LundaEkonomerna as well as creating a climate where the members are comfortable sharing their opinion is relevant features as well.

The commitment is on a one-year basis. You will start as the Vice Speaker and work beside the current Speaker for one semester, before taking on the role as the Speaker yourself during the second part of the year.

As a Project Leader, you will also become a member of the Collegium of LundaEkonomerna, where you together will the other Project Leaders will be able to enhance your leadership skills, get support, and also have the opportunity to impact the Union as a whole.

For this role, Swedish fluency isn’t required, but English proficiency is necessary.

Take the chance! 

This position is currently vacant and you can oppose this during the next General Council meeting which will be held on the 11th of March. Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to Aiona at speaker@lundaekonomerna.se.

If you have any questions about the General Council and what the position entails, reach out to Aiona, the current Speaker of the General Council.


Contact Aiona at speaker@lundaekonomerna.se