Do you have a creative mind and eye for detail? Do you wish to develop and express your creative flow using programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator? Maybe have ideas on how to capture people’s eyes in one glance? Or do you just have a general interest in visual communication and marketing? Then Content Creator for the Marketing Group might be for YOU! <3 

Being a Content Creator within The Marketing Group

As a content creator, you will design all different kinds of marketing material for the union. May it be marketing material for events, recruitment or infographics. You will create content for the TV monitor at LUSEM facilities, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. On a team of five content creators, you will create graphic designs that will be communicated daily to the whole student union on different communication channels. 

No previous experience is needed. However, a creative eye and previous experience are beneficial, and most importantly – a willingness to learn!

You will work within an established brand framework, however, there are no restrictions to how creative and experimental you may be. Being the content creator, you often have free hands on what you can do, hence having a creative mind and an eye for detail is in favour. 

As a member of the Marketing Group, you are expected to adhere to the responsibility that comes with your role. These include being professional, doing the expected work, and attending the weekly meetings.

An active member should be able to work up to 10h per week.

For this position, Swedish fluency is not a requirement, but fluency in English is necessary. Both Swedish and International students are welcome to apply <3

About The Marketing Group

The Marketing Group produces marketing material and provides content creation, photography, and videography assistance. Working like the in-house marketing agency in the union. We work daily on how LundaEkonomerna is presented externally as well as internally. By actively communicating with the other committees, we are able to find the best ways to reach out to the students of LUSEM about all the different events going on in our student union.

The application closes at midnight this Sunday, the 26th of May. 

If you have a portfolio, please share it with us!

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