Matilda Eklund

Matilda Eklund is the President of LundaEkonomerna, a full-time position.

Matilda has the uttermost overall responsibility of LundaEkonomerna and leads the Board’s daily work as well as strategic development. She is both the main spokesperson for the union and also its head representative, meaning she represents the union in vital bodies both in Lund and around Sweden.

The President works together with other student unions, nations, the Academic Society and other student organizations around Sweden to make sure that the student life is thriving for everybody.

Matilda also works a lot with the other Board members in their areas of expertise, mainly with educational surveillance to make sure student voices are being heard and the purpose of LundaEkonomerna is fulfilled.

Matilda is responsible for LundaEkonomerna’s Seniors Collegium, the Board’s advisory body, and is also the contact person for both the Nominations Committee and the General Council to ensure the transparency and functioning of the union’s decision-making bodies.

Matilda’s previous engagement in LundaEkonomerna was with the Education Committee, The eeeDays, LE choir and The Educational Council. She has also been the Project Leader of the Vieri Project.