LundaEkonomerna Student Union is an organization driven by students. We are the home for all students at Lund University School of Economics and Management. (LUSEM), and our job is to ensure that you get the most out of your student life in Lund. Our 300 active members work together to improve the education at LUSEM, the future careers of our members, and last but not least the social life of students.

Our vision is to create a better time at Lund University for all of our 3500 members.

LundaEkonomernas mission to to “ensure that our members get the most out of their university experience“.

We strive to do this by ensuring that the quality of the education at LUSEM is as high as possible. In order to do this, we create opportunities for students to impact their education in different councils and are represented in all decision making bodies of the faculty. LundaEkonomerna also provides a platform where members can improve themselves and reach future ambitions as well as create opportunities to socialize and network professionally.

Our main purpose is to monitor and contribute to the development of the education and conditions for studies provided at the LUSEM, which is regulated by the Swedish Higher Education Act (1992:1434).

We do this so that you, our members, get the most out of your time in Lund, and that when you graduate, you will have received the best education possible in order to get your dream job.

Professional. Fun. Open. Passion. Learning.

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The Union is run by 10 board members. Six of us work full-time, and four work part-time.

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We want everyone to feel included in our Union. English is therefore our primary, and only, language.

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Meet our lovely project leaders. We have 28 committees and projects, led by our collegial members.

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General Council

The union's highest decision-making body is democratically structured with 31 members chosen by the members of LundaEkonomerna.

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Our home is an old Skånelänga called Skånis. It is one of the oldest houses in Lund and has been our home since the 1980's.

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Office hours

You are always welcome during weekdays between 10 and 12.

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General questions?

Our official documents.

LundaEkonomerna Student Union's Business Plan

Curious about what focus areas and direction LundaEkonomerna's operations have this year? Check out our Business Plan of 19/20!

In it, you'll find our main focus areas, vision, goals, and strategies. Have a read!

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Contact President Matilda Eklund, at

LundaEkonomerna Student Union's Statute

Our organisation is regulated by our statute, a document that regulates the structure and process of how we work and function. The President interpret the statute, and can be revised by the General Council. The statute is used by the General Council as a means to ensure transparency and continuity throughout the entire Union.

You can find the statute by clicking the image to the left.

LundaEkonomerna's Disciplinary Statute

LundaEkonomerna is an organization that endeavors to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all its members and to all its guests at all of our events. Within the union, we have a Disciplinary Statute to take measures against all forms of intolerable behaviors. No one should feel insecure at our events and the Disciplinary Measure is our regulatory to make sure that we prevent these behaviors from happening.

You can find the statute by clicking the image to the left.

LundaEkonomerna's Opinions Programme

The Opinions Programme is a collection of our members opinions on various topics such as education, study welfare, housing and other areas affecting our members. These opinions are collected during Speak Up Days, an event that is arranged by the Education Committee each year. The Opinions Programme is revised every year by the Vice President together with student representatives and other Board members.

You can find the document by clicking the image to the left.

Strategy of LundaEkonomerna 2018-2020

Within the Union, we work with both daily operative tasks but also long term development strategies. In 2017, the Board of LundaEkonomerna developed the Strategy of LundaEkonomerna 2018-2020, a document that will be continuously worked with over the upcoming years.

You find the documents by clicking the image to the left.