Alumni Project

Have you been an active member of LundaEkonomerna? Are you now one of those alumni who is longing back to the happy times at Skånis? The Alumni Project is here for you!

What the Alumni Project Does

Then you should join the alumni network, LundaEkonomerna Aeternum, and take part of all the events, get-togethers, and news updates, to be able to stay in contact with our beloved union. LundaEkonmerna Aeternum’s goal, just as the meaning of the name, is that former active members will have the opportunity to remain LundaEkonomer forever. Therefore, the network will serve as a link between previous active LundaEkonomer and the union of today. Get-togethers will be organised where you get the chance to hang with old friends that you have worked with during your time in LundaEkonomerna, as well as the opportunity to travel down to Lund together and go to events such as Vinterbalen and the Astro gala.

The Events Hosted by Us

A word from our Project Leader

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Project Members

Don't hesitate to contact any of our Project Members

Nikita Bergum
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 70 464 64 96

Axel Löveråsen
Communications Coordinator

+46 72 322 63 00

Ebba Kraaij
Event Coordinator

+46 73 046 89 63