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The Treasury

As the right hand of the Treasurer our main task is to support the Treasurer in tasks related to the financial work of the union.

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Student access to EC1 & EC2

New class room access for all students of LUSEM!

As the student union of LUSEM, we are very happy to announce that, from now on, all students of LUSEM will have access with the LU-card to the class rooms in EC1 & EC2, 24 hours a day. This means that all students will be able to use the class rooms as study places as well! We are constantly working on creating a better study environment for the students of LUSEM. This is one step forward. If you have any questions -...

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Article from Dragons at the University

" - To participate in "Dragons at the University" could be a boost for the companies to continue developing their visions and dare to think bigger, concludes Jonas Tayli. "

Read the article in the student paper Lundagård, from the Entreprenurship Committee's event Dragons at the University one week ago! CLICK HERE (Note: only available in Swedish unfortunately) Photo: screen shot from

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2016 year’s student budget

The average student will make a loss on 202 SEK every month during 2016.

Today SFS (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer - The Swedish National Union of Students) released their yearly “student budget”. Students have gotten it better economically, but the average student will 2016 still need 202 SEK more every month to just break even! We in LundaEkonomerna do of course not think that this is acceptable. We are a part of SFS and this is one of the many things SFS is working on right now. If you want to read more about SFS, do...

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A Chance for You to Make an Impact on Your Education!

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Education Committee

Standing up for your rights as a student.

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Öresund; Linking Minds

Öresund; Linking Minds is an exciting case competition where 20 students from LUSEM and 20 students from CBS have the unique opportunity to establish international contacts and develop their teamwork, public speaking and case solving skills.

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Marketing Group

The most creative committee of LundaEkonomerna consisting of aspiring professionals in the marketing field, delivering marketing services to all committees within the union and to the student body itself.

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Entrepreneurship Committee

Innovation, entrepreneurship and new thinking to the students.