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LE Choir
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LE Choir

Brings the joy of singing to your events

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Carnival X

Every 4th year and this year it's finally time. This is something you don't want to miss.


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The Vieri Project

Our mission is to show the union's gratitude by thanking all the active members for their dedicated work for LundaEkonomerna

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LE Band

Brings sweet music to all members of the Union!

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Available Positions

Being involved in your student union is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you can have in Lund!


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Vinterbalen is LundaEkonomernas annual ball which is one of the biggest celebrations in Lund and LundaEkonomernas largest social event! Step into AF-Borgen and get ready to experience the magic inside its walls.

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Social Committee

The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life for our members more fun and rewarding

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Novice Committee

During our events you will have the opportunity to make friends for life.


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Master Committee

The Master Committee arranges events aimed at Master’s students at LUSEM. Our largest event is the annual Graduation Gala!