Corporate Relations Committee

We are your connection to the corporate world; arranging events where students and company representatives can meet and initiate contact.


"We exist to bring you closer to the corporate world - we provides you with endless opportunities to network with company representatives under relaxed circumstances."


What We Do

The Corporate Relations Committee is responsible for organizing events where students and company representatives can meet. Together with the company representatives, CRC coordinates events that suits both the company but also all of the students at LUSEM.

Check out the tabs above for more information about our events! By following link you can register to be one of the first persons to apply for our events. It’s purpose is to give you early access, to ensure that you can attend events you’re interested in –



Lunch Lectures

Get inspired by our visiting companies while enjoying a great lunch, before going back to studying. Our lunch lectures offers a chance to let companies reach out to students, their future employees, and tell them what they have to offer regarding career opportunities. It is a natural way of networking, and maybe get to know your future employer.

The CRC invites a partner company or an external company to hold a lecture about how the company operates, what opportunities there are for students and why the company is a great place to work.

The lunch lecture lasts for an hour, and is set during typical lunch time. Upon arrival to the lunch lecture, a great lunch will be provided to you, which you can eat during the lecture.

Register to our lunch lectures to learn more about your potential future career, taking a well-deserved study break and relieving your student budget at the same time! A clear win-win-win.

Lunch Lecture 2

Former CRC committee member Sara ready to serve some salads

Corporate Evenings

Take the chance to get to know our partner companies after office hours, followed by a mingle or dinner

The CRC doesn’t only work during office hours, we also organize evening events! These events can either be at LUSEM, Skånis, or at the office of one of our partner companies. Usually, the company holds a short presentation about themselves and opportunities within the company, followed by a mingle or a dinner.

At some of these events, the companies have organized fun activities to make the students get to know the company representatives in a casual and playful way.

It may seem scary at first, but we urge you to join us and visit our partner companies, get to ask all the questions about your future career and see if this is the right company for you! If you don’t have any specific questions that’s completely fine, let the company do the talking!

Skärmavbild 2015-11-19 kl. 09.41.15

EY Student Challenge

Cook and Dine with Volati

The Breakfast Club

Start your day with enjoying a breakfast buffet and listening to an inspirational guest speaker

The CRC gathers way too early in the morning to set up an inspiring breakfast lecture. The guest lecturer is a person that has some kind of interesting life lessons to teach our students, and is meant to be an inspiring hour to give your day a great start.

A yummy breakfast buffet is served with sandwiches, yoghurt, fresh fruit, cheese platter, juice, cookies, coffee and whatever else Fanny is in the mood for, which you enjoy during the lecture.

The Breakfast Club occurs approximately three times per semester with varying guest speakers, but is always a great way to start your day. The CRC is at Skånis from 6:00AM, join us at 8:30AM and get inspired!

The Breakfast Club’s great breakfast buffet before Johan Lindeberg

Breakfast Club 1

Former CRC committee member Josefine presenting Olof Lundh

Sporting Events

At times, our partner companies want to get to know students in the most relaxed way possible, through sports!

The CRC organizes a pair of events where partner companies have chosen to get to know students in a very relaxed setting; through sports. For example, we organize an event where we try out sailing one where we try out climbing and another where students compete against the partner company in the Swedish classic Brännboll.

There is no easier way to get to know a company representative than through being stuck together in a small boat for a couple of hours, climbing together or hitting a homerun putting your team in the lead. After these events, the CRC organizes a grill session to still your appetite after your activity.

Everyone needs a break from formal gatherings and study groups – don’t miss these great events!

Skärmavbild 2015-11-13 kl. 17.32.32  

Skärmavbild 2015-11-13 kl. 17.30.18

An amazing day sailing with EY

Student Career Agent

As a Student Career Agent, you will be the link between the career leg within Lundaekonomerna and the students.


Do you want to be the voice of your fellow classmates and make a difference? Are you a person who sees the opportunities to improve the different events in the student union? Do you want to know what it is like to be involved with Lundaekonomerna? Then the position as a Student Career Agent would be perfect for you!


As a Student Career Agent, you will be the link between the career leg within Lundaekonomerna and the students. You will be responsible for spreading the word about career events to your classmates. You will provide your classmates with information of when and where the events will take place, and how to apply for them. You will attend monthly meetings to evaluate previous events and also be informed of upcoming events. As a Student Career Agent, you are the voice of the students who will be able to communicate and discuss directly with the committees of the career leg in Lundaekonomerna.


We are looking for a person who is communicative, social and urge to make a difference. To become a Student Career Agent is a perfect opportunity for you to experience what it is like to be involved in Lundaekonomerna’s career leg. No previous experience needed. For further information contact


Words from the Collegials

The Project Leader and Vice Project leader of the CRC share their thoughts on why they joined the committee

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“CRC is by far the committee with the most events during each semester, which results in a challenging, intense but also an incredibly fun job. As the project leader, I also have the opportunity to be involved in the strategic direction of LundaEkonomerna as well as practicing my leadership skills further. The committee members are truly amazing and I am so happy that I have been given the chance to lead them together with Pontus during this semester. This fall I am looking forward to continue to create fantastic events together with the inspiring companies that we are collaborating with in order to help the students at LUSEM to meet their future employers!”

– Diana Holmberg,  Project Leader VT19

“As the Vice President of the Corporate Relations Committee, my main mission is to create successful corporate events where you, as a member of Lundaekonomerna, are inspired and brought closer to your future dream employer. Importantly, I want life after university to seem less intimidating and stressful. In order to achieve this, I work closely with Diana and thirteen ambitious, hard-working and inspiring committee members. The work within the committee is a constant learning process within an open and supportive environment, constantly motivating me to exceed my skills. Moreover, I genuinely hope the open and inclusive culture within the committee shines through and encourages you to attend our upcoming events”

– Pontus Govenius, Vice Project Leader VT19


Committee Members

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our events!

Diana Holmberg
Project Leader - Collegial


Pontus Govenius
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Agnes Bengtsson
Contact Person PwC


Pontus Govenius
Contact Person SEB


Student Career Agent Coordinator

Fredrik Schön
Contact Person EY


Martina Bjurka
Contact Person Deloitte


Malin Jehander
Contact Person Grant Thornton


Albin Waldeck
Contact Person KPMG


Matilda von Scheele
Contact Person External Companies


Thea Andersson
Contact Person External Companies


Lukas Öberg
Contact Person External Companies


Karin Ericsson
Breakfast Club Coordinator


Sarah Hjort
Communication Coordinator


Erik Sandahl
Marketing Coordinator