LE Choir

Brings the joy of singing to your events


LE choir has a mission to spread joy by singing and performing at all types of different events within LundaEkonomerna

LE Choir was initiated by a group of people who loved to sing. Invited to sing at their first sittning, the choir soon made a name out of themselves and has since then been an obvious choice at all types of events.

The choir has been up and running for two years. Today, we proudly present the official LE Choir, LundaEkonomernas newest project that hopefully will bring even more joy and entertainment to your events. 

If you love to sing and want to do this while making friends, learn more about music and experience amazing events this is something for you! 

The choir is currently looking for more people to join the group! Check out our available positions at www.lundaekonomerna.se/positions  

A word from our Project Leader

Johanna Marcusson - Project Leader and singer LE Choir

See available positions

Applying for the choir Is the best thing I have done during my time In Lund. There Is nothing that brings me more joy and energy than singing. LE-Choir Is a fun and creative way of getting Involved In the Union and getting to know more people who share the same Interest. We sing songs from a wide range of genres and we always sing In harmonies. We are ten members of the choir, one musician and nine singers. Do not hesitate booking us for your event within LundaEkonomerna, or applying for the choir next time we are recruiting.

– all the best Johanna Marcusson

Project Members

You are always welcome to contact us

Johanna Marcusson
Project Leader & Collegial



Simon Tedenvall