Lund European Business Tour

The Lund European Business Tour is an annual trip in November, where 40 qualified and ambitious students enjoy the opportunity to interact with top employers across chosen cities in Europe.


"The LEBT focuses on connecting Lund University’s highest-achieving students with Europe’s most attractive and internationally operating employers."

In November, 40 selected students from Lund School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) will head on a one-week journey through Europe to meet world-class companies at their offices in some of Europe’s most interesting cities. It is an amazing opportunity for both students and companies to interact and to establish first-hand contacts.

The LEBT committee is working hard on finding some of the most distinguished companies to visit for this year’s tour. The companies chosen range in size from start-ups to some of the biggest in the world, but are all picked on the basis of being the best places to work in.


By participating in the Lund European Business Tour, you not only get a chance to talk to these potential employers face-to-face and to explore what career opportunities Europe has to offer, but also get to visit a few incredible cities on the way. Whether you are interested in a career abroad, or just want to visit inspiring companies, it will be an amazing tour that you do not want to miss.

Read more information about this year’s trip by clicking on the “LEBT 2018” tab above.

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"This is your chance to meet top employers in London and Dublin"

We’re offering you the unique opportunity to participate in Lund European Business Tour 2018. This is your perfect chance for you to build up a connection to top employers in Europe, as well as getting to know people who share the same interest. During the trip to London and Dublin you will have the chance to visit companies from several industries and to mingle with future colleagues. This trip will be a lot of fun, but also an important part of your future:

Dates:                      4th-10th of November
Where:                    London and Dublin
Price:                       3100 SEK (including flights, bed & breakfast)
Who can apply?  All members of Lundaekonomerna
When to apply?   21.9.2018-5.10.2018

We are happy to announce that the following companies are part of our trip:


– Goldman Sachs

– Alphasights

– Bloomberg


– Google

– Facebook

– Salesforce

We update this website regurarly as well as our instagram: @lebt.le.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee members! We look forward to hear from you.

Application is closed!

A word of this year's Project Leader

Victoria Helin is the Project Leader of Lund European Business Tour. She shares her thoughts on the project:

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Being a part of Lund European Business Tour involves to constantly develop oneself to a stronger, more confident and even more passionate Lundaekonom. When I moved to Lund to study Business Administration and Economics, I knew that I wanted to be an active member of the union and be a part of one specific committee: I applied to LEBT and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The Lund European Business Tour is an extremely fun and rewarding project to work with. Being a part of LEBT means to constantly work towards the goal of offering future international careers to the students at LUSEM. The project does not only strive to give our participants the best chance to employment on the European market, but it also gives them the chance to network with likeminded students, working on presenting themselves as individuals as well as letting them take part in an experience of a lifetime. Since March, the committee has been working hard to deliver the best companies, the best travel experience, as well as enjoying their time as active members of Lundaekonomerna. This year’s tour will take place in London and Dublin and it’s soon time for takeoff! And I promise you, this is something you don’t want to miss!

You will find more information about this years tour on “LEBT2018” tab above. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions regarding the project.

Best regards
Victoria Helin, Project Leader

Committee members

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us:

Victoria Helin
Project Leader


David Lövgren
Corporate Relations Coordinator


Hugo Sandh
Corporate Relations Coordinator


Katharina Wedel
Logistic Coordinator


Alice Serenhov
Student Relations Coordinator


Frank Jensen
Marketing and Sponsorship coordinator


Alida Hammers
Student Relations Coordinator