Marketing Group

The most creative committee of LundaEkonomerna consisting of aspiring professionals in the marketing field, delivering marketing services to all committees within the union and to the student body itself.


We are working daily with maintaining the graphic profile and the brand that is LundaEkonomerna by ensuring the best possible marketing communication in the union –externally and internally.

Who to contact:
Project Leader – If you have questions regarding our committee, potential collaboration, general ideas regarding the marketing of LundaEkonomerna or complaints/feedback on how we can improve, feel free to contact our committee project leaders. If you as an active member want to check status of an sent in request, if you have questions prior to sending in requests to us or other general questions regarding our services then our project leaders can help you with all questions regarding our workflow – For both graphic design & photography requests, as well as Facebook and newsletters.

Event Coordinator – If you have questions regarding our upcoming photo/Photoshop courses or other events of ours, then our event coordinator can help you. Also other committees interested in booking social events with our committee may contact our event coordinator. Do you have questions regarding the printed ‘Bulletin’ newsletter or the email newsletter our coordinators can help you. To put something into the newsletter or Bulletin, committees can file a request through our internal workspace.

Graphic Designer – All marketing design assistance for the committees of LundaEkonomerna must be sent in as a request through the internal platform and not per email. However you are always welcome to contact any of our talented designers for general questions regarding design.

Photographer – As with the graphic designer assistance, photograph requests has to be sent through the internal workspace. If a committee wants to borrow a camera for an event or a trip, they can book it through the internal workspace as well. Other questions regarding photography can be sent to the photographers’ emails found below.




Our talented graphic designers work closely with all other committees in LundaEkonomerna to present the union in an as professional manner as possible.

Do you as an active member need help with marketing material such as posters, rollups, Facebook images and more in your committee? Send in a marketing request on our internal workspace to us today! All committees of LundaEkonomerna are free to get marketing help from us.

Please contact us in good time before your event, 2 weeks prior to when the marketing material is needed, however do not hesitate to contact us if you think you’re too late – If we have time we will do our best to help you!

Need A Photographer? Look No Further

Our talented photographers work closely with all other committees in LundaEkonomerna to picture the union in a professional way.

Novischfesten VT16-1

Do you as an active member need a photographer for a party, a lecture or perhaps CV photos of your committee members?

If you are an active member, you can send in a photography request to us in the Marketing Group and we will do our very best to help you. We now have 4 amazing photographers who can help with both taking the photos as well as editing them afterwards.


We are currently working on a new bulletin and will update you all with the new design soon!

Apply for a position in Lundaekonomernas most creative committee!

Do you describe yourself as a creative person? Then being a part of Marketing group, Lundaekonernas most creative committee is something for you!

Right now we are looking for new members in these areas:

Graphic Designer
Do you like working with graphic material? Making fun and amazing collages, using photos and colours as your tools to get a message across? Then working as a graphic designer is something for you! As a graphic designer you will have the possibility to improve and learn new skills within this area. You will be responsible, among other things, for making marketing material such as posters and other graphical material! You will work alongside a team of fellow graphic designers and work on tasks requested by other committees in LE. You do not need to have any experience in graphic design before applying, you will learn how to work in photoshop, indesign and other programs while working!

Do you like to take photos or make films? Do you know how to take the perfect instagram photo or how to get the perfect lightning for taking photos? Then photographer is the perfect role for you! Our photographers have a key role within LundaEkonomerna since they take photos of most events and help other committees with various tasks. As a photographer you will also have the opportunity to develop your skills within lightroom and how to professionally take photos.

Event Coordinator
Do you like planning and social media? Then event coordinator are the perfect role for you! As our Event Coordinator you will have a leading role in developing events for your fellow LundaEkonomer and also being the one planning the events for all students like for example lunch lectures. The events will be everything from arranging courses in Photoshop and other programs but it could also be something brand new. As the event coordinator, you will also have the honour to be in charge of ‘Bulletin’!


We are currently not recruiting any new members.

A word from our Project Leaders

See available positions


Who are the people in the Marketing Group?
The Marketing Group consists of 13 driven and creative students with different backgrounds and level of experience in marketing. Our team is connected by the interest in marketing and communication. Through our different experiences and individual talents, the Marketing Group becomes a dynamic committee as well as a motivated team.

In short, what does the Marketing Group do?
The Marketing Group produces graphic material, photography assistance, maintenance of the main Facebook page, as well as a digital and a printed newsletter. We work daily on how LundaEkonomerna is presented externally as well as internally. By actively communicating with the other committees, we are able to find the best ways to reach out to the students of LUSEM about all the events going on in our student union. We will make sure to deliver great results, whether it’s through written material, graphic design or captured in photography.

Lastly, who should consider applying for the Marketing Group?
If you’re interested in experience how it is to work with marketing more practically, are creative and problem solving, the Marketing Group is definitely right for you! We are always looking for talented individuals who wants to contribute to the profile of LundaEkonomerna and share their ideas and points of views.



Project Members

You are always welcome to get in contact
with our project members.

Matilda Haglund
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 72 570 26 77

Rickard Von Schenck
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 70 930 26 05

Vice Project Leader - Collegial

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Alisa Ilina
Graphic Designer

+7 921 982 60 31

Viktor Löfqvist
Graphic Designer

+46 70 569 60 43


Vanille Cousyn Johansson

+46 703 966 929


Emma Karlsson

+46 70 562 23 22

Event Coordinator

Felix Thunström
Event Coordinator

+46 73 333 98 45

Evelina Strauss
Event Coordinator

+46 73 600 22 22