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During our events you will have the opportunity to make friends for life.

The registration for the Novice Week of HT19 will open soon!

Have you been accepted to Lund University School of Economics and Management this autumn? Congratulations! Make sure to register for The Novice Week to start off your time in Lund the best way possible!

Have you been accepted to Lund University School of Economics and Management?

Congratulations to you who just received a spot at Lund University School of Economics and Management! We guarantee that you have an amazing time ahead of you at one of Swedens best schools of economics and management, with its well known student life!

To kick start your time as a student in Lund the Novice Committee invites you to The Novice Week.



The Novice Week Autumn 2019

The Novice Week takes place in Lund between Monday, 26th of August until Saturday the 31st. It is an intensive week with a great variety of activites, all of them focusing on you getting to know as many of your new class mates as possible, and of course having a whole lot of fun!

More than 380/190 (autumn/spring) students participate in the week where you will be divided into groups of approximately 20 people each. There are experienced students acting as mentors (faddrar) during the week, and they will show you all the best sides of the ”Lunda-life”.

The Novice Guide

To read more about the activities and what you can expect from being a Novice at LUSEM, please read The Novice Guide for the Novice Week VT19. We look forward to seeing you on the 26th!

Read the Novice Guide of VT19 here!

Main Sponsors of the Novice Week


What is included in the Novice Week?
  • 6 days of activities and fun
  • 4 nights out at different nations in Lund
  • 4 legendary afterparties at Skånis
  • An epic closing party
  • Outfit composed by your fadders
  • Breakfast every morning
  • BBQ on Saturday
  • Lunch on Thursday
  • 850 SEK (Novice Week)
  • 950 SEK (Novice Week + Welcome Pub)

More info about Welcome Pub here.

*Please note: This event is not for master students.


To be able to attend the Novice Week you have to be a member of Studentlund before the week starts. Studentlund gives you everything the student life in Lund has to offer combined in one membership. Studentlund consists of all student unions, ”nations” and Akademiska Föreningen in Lund.

How to become a member of Studentlund
  • Go to and register. You should automatically belong to LundaEkonomerna since you are studying at LUSEM.
  • Pay your members fee. The payment needs to be done before the Novice Week starts.
  • Print your payment certificate that you can find at “mitt medlemskap”. You have to bring this to all of our activities during the Novice Week!
  • Download the app “Studentkortet” and register. You now have your student card digitally!
  • Whenever you are ready to choose “nation” in Lund, you go there to get registered. They will order your physical student card to your chosen address.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

PS. Do you want to get in the Novice-week-mode right here, right now? Then make sure to watch the Aftermovie from the HT17 Novice Week!



"We make sure that the new students at LUSEM get the best welcome to Lund they could possibly get. With one of the most intense weeks you will experience in Lund, we provide everyone participating with an unforgettable time during which you get to know your future classmates."

What is the Novice Committee?

The Novice Committee consists of 13 members that work throughout the year to plan and form the Novice Week that starts both of the semesters at LUSEM. The Novice Committee are also the ones in charge during the week. You can spot us by looking for the bright shade of blue shirts.

Who do we work with?

The Novice Committee could not operate without its very important mentors, so called “Faddrar”. The Faddrar are in charge of the new students on a more personal level. A novice group usually consists of about 20 novices, and 4 faddrar. The recruitment of faddrar usually takes place in the middle of the semester, and it is a great way of making new friends.

During the Novice Week, there are plenty of activities and events where you could help out by being a “staffare”. Staffing for the Novice Week lets you participate in the week in a smaller scale, and is perfect for anyone who does not have the time to commit to being a fadder or being part of the committee.

The Corporate Relations Coordinators role

The Corporate Relations role in the Novice Committee is about the communication with our sponsors. It involves discussing existing deals with our sponsors, finding new sponsors, and of course – making sure that their participation during the week works well for both parts.

The Marketing Coordinators role

As Marketing Coordinator you will be in charge of creating posters, films to promote activities, and capturing different events on camera. They are also in charge of the exposure of the Novice Committee on social media. This role involves a tight cooperation with The Marketing Group.

The Social Activities Coordinators role

The Novice Week would be nothing without the games and activities during the days. As Social Activities Coordinator you work closely with staffers, other committees and companies to make sure that games and competitions work smoothly.

The Events Coordinator role

The Novice Week ends with a bang. The last night of the Novice Week is when the magic Gala happens. There is nothing more iconic to the student life in Lund than a well planned and executed sitting. As Events Coordinator you will be in charge of the Gala – a three course dinner with an incredible follow-up party.
The Novice Party following a few weeks later to round up the entire Novice Period is when Novices become true LundaEkonomer. All members of LundaEkonomerna are invited to this magical night at the end of the Novice Period.

The Internal Relations Coordinators role

As Internal Relations Coordinator, your job is to handle communication with faddrar, planning internal events throughout the semester and making sure that the administrive parts function well.

The application to become Fadder for the Novice Week HT19 will open on the 25th of March!

The application will open on the 25th of March!

Every year new students arrive to Lund School of Business And Economics, let’s give them the best welcome possible! Apply to be a ”Fadder” for the Novice Week HT19!! The Novice Week will be between the 26th-31st of August 2019.

Are you brave, caring, responsible and super-psyched? Apply in groups of 4 people! The dates of the auditions are not set yet. At the audition, you are supposed to show a movie or spex (or both) for 5-10 minutes, followed by an interview for 10 minutes! If you have a movie, you can plug your laptop to the tv-screen at Skånis to show it. The last day to apply is not set yet!



If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:

Picture: Two fadder groups of HT18

A word from our General

Martin Broliden has participated in three Novice Weeks since starting his studies at LUSEM. First as a novice, then a fadder and then as the vice general of the novice committee.

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”The Novice Week gave me a great start to my studies here in Lund, the week made me comfortable that I made the right decision moving away to study, and most of all it gave loads of new friends! Being a part of the Novice Committee is the best decision I have made during my time in Lund, it is amazing to give other new students the opportunity to start their studies the best way possible, just like I had.”
I urge everyone to in one way or another get engaged in our student union. There are so many different committees and activities to get involved in, and in return you receive so much positive energy, knowledge, experience and most of all friends for life!”

Who should consider applying for the Novice Committee?
Anyone who feels like they have something they want to give to the new students. Anyone who wants to be part of an amazing experience where you learn not only to be more confident but also what it is like to befriend hundreds of new students each semester. We are recruiting twice a year and then looking for anyone who who feels alright with being inviting and fun when needed, responsible when necessary, and has an open mind to ideas.




Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We would be glad to help you.

Martin Broliden
Project Leader - Collegial


Per Molander
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Internal Relations Coordinator

Events Coordinator

Sofia Alm
Events Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator

Amanda Magnusson
Marketing Coordinator


Social Activities Coordinator

Ida Diesfeldt
Social Activities Coordinator


Marcus Danckler
Social Activities Coordinator


Mogens Clase
Social Activities Coordinator


Corporate Relations Coordinator

Amanda Sanderfelt
Corporate Relations Coordinator