Öresund; Linking Minds

Öresund; Linking Minds is an exciting case competition where 20 students from LUSEM and 20 students from CBS have the unique opportunity to establish international contacts and develop their teamwork, public speaking and case solving skills.


"Öresund; Linking Minds want to introduce bachelor students to case solving and help them to increase their knowledge while creating international networking opportunities with students from CBS and EY."

Are you a bachelor student? Interested in learning what case solving is about? Willing to make international contacts and curious on what’s going on in the mind of a danish student? Then Öresund; Linking Minds is something for you!

What is Öresund; Linking Minds?
Öresund; Linking Minds (ÖLM) is a case event arranged by Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in collaboration with EY. With this event we would like to invite Swedish and International bachelor students that have little or no previous experience in case solving, but that are eager to learn more under relaxed circumstances.

The event starts with four educational seminars in April, given by professors from LUSEM and representatives from EY. The event ends with two separate case competitions, one held at CBS in Copenhagen and one at LUSEM in Lund. During the two separate case competition days, students from both LUSEM and CBS will compete in mixed teams of four to solve a real life business case, however you will apply by yourself. After the final we will have a great banquet where we will have a blast together with our new friends from across the bridge!

Why you should apply
This event will give you the unique opportunity to gain experience in real life case solving and to increase your chance to shine in future job interviews. You will develop your presentation skills and you will get more comfortable with solving complex tasks in group! Next to improving your skills, you will also have the chance to network with students from CBS and representatives from EY during the competition days. Last but not least, the relaxed atmosphere will guarantee a lot of fun!

What Öresund; Linking Minds offer you
Apart from the competition days, you will be offered four educational seminars in the weeks prior to the event. The first competition day will take place in Copenhagen and includes a light dinner and the opportunity to see what Copenhagen Business School looks like. The competition day in Lund will be held at LUSEM and after the case solving has finished, we will continue the evening with a closing banquet. All events with ÖLM includes food and drink, but mostly a great time of fun and experience!

If you have further questions please contact us through olm@lundaekonomerna.se.


A perfect entrance to the world of case solving

Application for Öresund; Linking Minds 2019

The application is now open!

Apply here: Case Competition 2019

Last day to apply is the 24th of March.

No previous experience is required, just bring your best mood!
Remember that you will apply by yourself and will be put in a team with one student from LUSEM and two students from CBS.

The Case Competition will end with a big banquet with everyone who has been involved in ÖLM19 and a big afterparty. To take part of this amazing evening a fee of 150 SEK will be withdrawn.

Application to become a staffer

Do you want to help out and create the greatest case competition in Lund? Are you not one of the applicants of the case competition but still want to be part of our events? Then ÖLM is something for you!

The application will open shortly, in the meantime check out our Instagram: olm.le and Facebook: LundaEkonomerna-Education to stay in touch with the latest news of ÖLM19!

Words from a former participant

Emma was one of the participant from last year and she thinks ÖLM is a great competition full of valuable experience. We have asked her some question to find out more how she experienced ÖLM.

Hi Emma!

Why did you apply for the ÖLM case competition?
I have always had a passion for management and organization and when I started studying Economics and Business on LUSEM I realized that pitching ideas and case solving occurs a lot. Nowadays, every kind of job interview includes some form of case solving, which is why I think it is important to know more about case solving and that is why I applied for ÖLM case competition. On top of this I like to learn new things, interact with new people and compete.

What did you learn from the event?
I learned the history behind case solving and everything from how you should start reading the case to how you should present the case. Further, also that it is important to establish everyone’s role in the group to increase the efficiency of the case solving. Lastly, it is important to go in with an open mind and to get a team spirit early. However, the most important thing is to have fun while solving the case.

How was the competition in CBS?
During last years ÖLM Ramboll was the danish partner and the competition was held at their office. It was really fun to work in teams with CBS students, they were very professional and had complementing academic perspectives. Further, I had never heard about Ramboll before which made the competition in CBS even more interesting. Ramboll is a multinational company who were very professional and thought ÖLM was a good and inspiring event.

When the competition in Copenhagen had ended we got the possibility to visit CBS. The university was very modern and nice. After that I have meet the danish students and visited CBS I will definitely consider CBS when choosing where to study for my master.



Can you recommend ÖLM to your friends?
I can definitely recommend ÖLM! It was a blast to meet new people, both danish and swedish. The event was extremely well organized and when ever I had a question the ÖLM committee was there to help me. After I participated in ÖLM I had increased my knowledge within case solving and. Before the event I did not thought you could have this fun while learning, ÖLM proved me wrong. I truly recommend you to apply for the case competition this year.


Companies who have been partners to ÖLM


EY and Jysek Bank

EY and Ramboll

EY and Nordea

A word from our project leader

Amanda Heintze is the project leader for ÖLM 2019 and here are some of her thoughts about the project.

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About Amanda and her thoughts
My name is Amanda Heintze and I am a bachelor student at Lund University. Two years ago I moved to Lund and I could have never imagined that I would become the person responsible for organizing an amazing event, as Öresund; Linking Minds! I was impressed by the incredibly professionalism and motivation that I saw in LundaEkonomerna and I knew that I had to get involved. Further, I have a great passion for case solving and to present my thoughts and ideas which is why I knew that ÖLM would be a great match for me. However my first time I interacted with ÖLM was a Sponsorship coordinator in ÖLM 2018 and the experience I gained motivated me to be the project leader of ÖLM 2019.

ÖLM 2019
For this year’s edition you can expect to gain valuable experience in case solving from both our preparation seminars and the case competition itself. However, Öresund; Linking Minds is also about establishing new connections and expanding your network on both sides of the bridge. Mingling with students from CBS and company representatives in both a professional and informal setting is a key characteristic to this case competition. Finally, remember that anyone can apply for ÖLM, no previous experience is required. Of course we will end this edition of Öresund; Linking Minds in style by inviting all participants to our closing banquet. I hope to see you there!


committee members

Do you have any further questions about our competition? Do not hesitate to contact our committee!

Amanda Heintze
Project Leader - Collegial



Carl-Oscar Westerlund
Event Coordinator



Anna Winberg
Marketing Coordinator



Tilde Johnsson
Sponsorship Coordinator