Sales Team

Sales Team is a committee set on reaching out and establishing new contacts in the corporate world for all parts of Lundaekonomerna.


"The main purpose of the project is to increase the number of companies that the union has a relationship with, in order to increase the possibilities for the members and decrease the gap between education and future career."

Why we are here
Lundaekonomerna is currently collaborating with a vast amount of interesting and highly professional companies. However, the union is always looking to create new quality relationships with companies in order to add value for our members. Meanwhile we give companies the chance to expand their network together with our fantastic students developing their employer branding.

In addition to this we are not only working with long-term focused sales, but we are also a force to improve the external relationships throughout the union. We do this by educating other parts of LundaEkonomerna in how we deal with external companies as well as do’s and don’ts in our CRM system

Not just sales
It might be wrong to define what Sales Team does as “Sales”. A more suitable definition would be ‘’relationship building’’ since we work with creating new relationships in order to bring our students closer to the corporate world. This distinction is important because our goal is not to try to sell the companies our events but to build valuable relationships for the future.

Who we are
We are not surprised if you haven’t seen us yet, a lot of our work is carried out behind the scenes, so we might be hard to detect. Sales Team consist of five driven students with different backgrounds and level of experience regarding sales. Our team is connected by the interest in creating more value to the members of LundaEkonomerna by introducing them to new interesting companies. Sales Team started as a project in the spring of 2014. The project has evolved a lot over the years and is under constant development.

A word from our Project Leader

John is currently the Project Leader of Sales Team.

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Who is John?

I am currently studying my fourth semester in the BSc Business & Economics – programme. My interest in sales and marketing as well as establishing valuable relationships for the union and its members is what drove me to Sales Team. I see involvement in LundaEkonomerna as an excellent opportunity develop practical, real – world, experience whilst at the same time spreading the word about LundaEkonomerna in the corporate world.


What does Sales Team do?

Sales Teams mission is to reach out to new companies primarily in terms of employer-branding opportunities and bring them closer to the members of LundaEkonomerna, strengthening the companies presence among student and widening the potential-employer-horizon for all of Lundaekonomerna-members. Sales Team also works with educating other parts of the Union in sales, through workshops and different events.


Project members

You are always welcome to get in contact
with our members!

John Söderberg
Project Leader - Collegial


Simona Rosi
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Emil Telander
Sales Coordinator


Louise Bernhoff
Sales Coordinator


Sara Milenkovska
Sales Coordinator