Social Committee

The Social Committee is devoted to make the social life for our members more fun and rewarding

Committee Mission

Our purpose is to create interactions and build friendships between students of LUSEM.


The Social Committee is devoted to making the social life for our members more fun and rewarding. To achieve this we create various events throughout the year. The events that we arrange vary from sporting activities such as weekly football practices and a volleyball tournament to classic Lund parties, such as our annual Visboken. Follow Lundaekonomerna – Social on Facebook to keep track of all the activities and events we host!


Project Leader & Vice Project Leader – Responsible of the entire committee
Communications Coordinator – An administrative role with a marketing focus
Sports Coordinator – Responsible for our weekly sport activities
Activity Coordinator – Responsible for monthly mixed activities
Event Coordinator – Responsible for our parties and event

LE Activities

The focus of LE Activities is welcoming everyone to have fun by offering all students different activities to enjoy and to get to know other people at!


The Sports Coordinator organizes weekly Sunday Football sessions, as well as gathers a team for the weekly played Korpen League (where we right now are playing in Division 1)! During the Fall the Social Committee arranges an annual Volleyball tournament in partnership with EY. For the upcoming Spring, the Activity Coordinators will be working on hosting activities such as movie nights and BBQ gatherings.


During the term the Social Committee also arranges different sessions of LE Tries where we gather to try out something new, previously we have tried padel and hot yoga. Stay tuned on the facebook page “LundaEkonomerna – Social” for signups!

Events & Parties

If you are into attending parties, Lund is the place to be. The Social Committee hosts several events and parties during the semesters for hundreds of people.


We host two events per term, planned by our amazing event coordinators assisted by the entire committee! For example, we have our annual Visboken dinner, where you’re served a three-course meal, and were the focus is placed on LundaEkonomernas own Songbook. More than a hundred people attend each event, and the tickets sell out in minutes. Make sure to follow our Facebook page (Lundaekonomerna – Social) to never miss an event and ticket release!

Welcome Pub

The Social Committee makes sure that the Novices are reunited after the amazing Novice Week. Together with the novice committee, we want to help the new students get comfortable in Lund.

This semesters Welcome Pub will be held the 8th of september, the weekend after the Novice Week. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with all the friends you’ve made during the week, and also find new ones.

The Welcome Pub’s theme was ”POOLPARTY”! – Put your old floaties on and head down to Västgöta nation at 19.00!

The evening contained everything from lounging music, table tennis and Mario Cart to nachos, palm trees and lots and lots of balloons. The different areas offered loads of different activities to either challenge that new friend you just met in a game, or to in a more relaxed way enjoy your nacho plate. 

Don’t sleep on the opportunity to attend one of these if you’re offered! No Novice Week is complete without a Welcome Pub!

Tandem Relay

A Lunda-tradition including Tandem bicycles, Gothenburg, bus rides and sittningar. Could it be better?

Every year (when it’s not Lundakarneval) Lund’s student unions and nations get together on a bus ride up to Gothenburg. In Gothenburg we enjoy a sittning together with Handelshögskolan, and finish that visit of by beginning the legendary tandem-bike ride back to Lund.

It is a great opportunity to be a part of Lund’s most famous tradition and meet new people from different student unions and nations. It all begins with a ticket release to obtain one of our limited spots. It then moves on to a qualification round and pre-events for the tandem crew to familiarise themselves with each other. Finally sometime in May, the race will kick off. Along the ride back, there will be several stops filled with party and other fun activities.

You do not want to miss this! Stay tuned on Lundaekonomernas website and facebook to get a chance to get a spot!

A Word from our Project Leader

Kasper Simonsson is the Project Leader of the Social Committee.

Kasper joined the Social Committee at the end of his first semester as at LUSEM. He has spent the spring as our vice Project Leader and is now ready to take on the role as the Project Leader.

See available positions



Are you missing the good old sporting days or are you curious to find out whether you would enjoy that sport you never tried? Don’t worry! The Social Committee got you covered. Every week we are hosting various sporting activities, such as football (soccer) and mixed sports.

Are you nervous and wondering if you will meet new friends with the same interests as you? Didn’t I tell you to stop worrying? The Social Committee got you covered. We are not only hosting sporting events and activities. We start off the semester with a Welcome Pub, where you get to meet all the people from the Novice Week again. Later on we continue the semester with two sittings, in true LundaEkonom-spirit!

Our goal is to give students, new and old, a more relaxed environment to meet other students. During the Social Committees weekly activities or events, you’ll get the perfect opportunity to meet students you’d otherwise not meet.

If you have any questions about the Social Committee, our events or Lund in general, do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope to see you during our next event!

Lots of love

Committee Members

Please feel free to contact the members of our committee!

Kasper Simonsson
Project Leader - Collegial


Jessika Liu
Vice Project Leader - Collegial


Joel Andersson Eneberg
Marketing Coordinator


Malin Åkesson
Sports Coordinator


Isak Nylén
Sports Coordinator


William von Heland
Sports Coordinator


Ebba Giolitti
Event Coordinator


Sarah Grenestedt
Event Coordinator


Alexander Manieri
Event Coordinator


Simon Blackman
Event Coordinator


Holger Holgersson
Mascot Coordinatior