The Treasury

As the right hand of the Treasurer our main task is to support the Treasurer in tasks related to the financial work of the union.

project mission

To assist and alleviate the Treasurer with financial administration and to make sure the union's finances stay in accordance with the union's set plan, goals and strategy.

Want to know how your budget is looking?

As a Project Leader for a committee or project you have responsibility for your committee’s/project’s budget and making sure that the financial decisions go in accordance with the budget. This is something that is rather time-consuming and a new function of The Treasury will be to provide Project Leaders with a Budget report. The Budget report will provide an overview of your committee’s/project’s budget as of up to that point with each account in your budget and its balance. The budget report will be based on the current accounting may not perfectly reflect how your budget is doing. All of your receipts might not have been turned in yet and not have been booked or something alike.

Please send an email to any of the Project Leaders in The Treasury to get your committee’s/project’s budget report. NOTE, only project leaders with budget responsibilty can ask for a budget report.

Join The Treasury, it is a great opportunity to learn more about accounting, budgeting and financial controlling

We are currently not looking for any members of The Treasury. Recruitment of a new project leader and member will begin early fall semester 2019. Stay tuned!

A word form our Project Leaders

Anton Alm and Lucas Bengtsson are the Project Leaders of The Treasury. Together they run the committee with discipline, structure and an ambition to make sure the union's finances reach its goals.

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Who are Anton and Lucas?

With a passion for accounting, bookkeeping and an ambition to learn we both found it suitable to join The Treasury. We both found The Treasury to be a great learning opportunity but also to be part of the development of the project even further, got us interested in the committee.
Anton is currently enrolled in his fourth semester completing his Bachelors in Business Administration and Economics and has ever since his first encounter with accounting known that this is something that he would like to further his skills in. Lucas is currently studying his third semester of the Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics.

What does The Treasury do?

The main function of the Treasury is to support and alleviate the Treasurer in certain tasks related to the financial accounting of the union. The Treasury works closely together with the Treasurer and its main tasks and responsibilities consist of handling the influx of receipts, handling the current accounting and bookkeeping of the union’s transactions and assisting the Treasurer in additional various financial administration tasks. We also have a smaller role in following up with budgets for the different committees.

Want to know more about the project and what we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Project Leaders.


You can always talk to us if you have any questions regarding the union's finances and we will try to answer them.

Lucas Bengtsson
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 704 145 671

Anton Alm
Project Leader - Collegial

+46 700 591 628

Erik Asplund
Member of The Treasury

+46 733 880 040

Victor Hedman
Member of The Treasury

+46 707 786 802

Johan Balcker
Member of The Treasury

+46 706 123 286