Vinterbalen is LundaEkonomernas annual ball which is one of the biggest celebrations in Lund and LundaEkonomernas largest social event! Step into AF-Borgen and get ready to experience the magic inside its walls.

Committee mission

Our primary mission is to create an outstanding ball in honor of all our fantastic members. We will make sure this night will be one of the most memorable evenings filled with lots of joy, happiness and laughter.

The tradition of Vinterbalen
Vinterbalen is primarily held in honor of all of our hard working members that proudly represents LundaEkonomerna throughout the year. This year we will celebrate the 19th edition of Vinterbalen, that is one of the greatest white tie balls in the Nordic region!

The ball
Prepare for an outstanding three course dinner surrounded of an amazing atmosphere in the LundaEkonomerna-spirit. We can also guarantee you entertainment of its highest class. We will of course continue the evening by dancing it away at the traditional after party. As it is the third year that we are arranging a lunch at the Sunday we are now making it a annual tradition! We can promise you that this years edition of Vinterbalen will be something out of the ordinary, so make sure to be there!

We are recruting marshals!

Vinterbalen would not be possible without our 26 marshals! By becoming a marshal you do not only get the opportunity to help us create the greatest ball ever, but you will also become a family member of the Vinterbalen committee. So what are you waiting for?
Apply now!

Did you know that Vinterbalen is one of the biggest white tie events in the Nordic region? Do you want to be part of creating this? And at the same time become a family member in one of the coolest and most inspiring committees in Lund? Then you should definitely apply to become a marshal!

Who can apply to be a marshal?

This is a great opportunity for everyone, no matter if you’re a novice or an old fox. Being a marshal means you’re going to work with 25 other marshals and of course the Vinterbalen committee, in order to create an epic Vinterbal in December 2019. Except from creating the best ball ever, one of our top priorities is to make sure that you and your fellow marshals will have the best experience and create memories for life. Trips, dinners and more fun – everything to make sure we will be a great team at the end of the year.

What are the marshal’s tasks?

Being a marshal is an honourable mission. During the prom night you will make sure no one disrespects the rules or misbehave, but watch out – you will have to keep a stone face throughout the evening, while sitting guests will try to make you laugh! After the dinner, we will all attend the after party and the Vinterbal lunch the day after!

Does it take much time?

No, not at all. Besides the prom weekend, we will meet and prepare for the event about two or three times before. Nothing is mandatory, we’re doing this because it is fun!

Do I need previous experiences?

No, absolutely not. This is something anyone could do, but we appreciate if you have any extra skills. Are you a good photographer? Singer? LET US KNOW. But it’s not necessary!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We would be glad to help you.

Best regards,

Vinterbalen 2019


A word from our Grand Marshal

Vendela Meyerhöffer is the Grand Marshal of Vinterbalen.
She is now recruiting a committee to take the next ball weekend to the skies together with.

See available positions


The 15th of December 2018 I was standing in AF Borgen, surrounded by hundreds of members of Lundaekonomerna and together with people I before coming to Lund didn’t know the names or faces of, who I now consider some of my closest friends – my fellow marshals and outstanding committee of Vinterbalen 2018. Being a marshal for Vinterbalen was by far the greatest experience of my first semester at Lunds University. There and then, in AF Borgen, I decided that I wanted to be an even bigger part of creating Vinterbalen 2019.

Vinterbalen is such a magical weekend within LundaEkonomerna. Being given the opportunity to create this year’s edition is not only creating another event, but being a part of something bigger and historical. I am truly honored to be handed the torch of Vinterbalen and I can not wait to keep it burning for another year, writing another amazing Winter Ball into the script.

I hope to see you there to celebrate this out of the ordinary event together!


Committee members

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We would be glad to help you.

Vendela Meyerhöffer
Grand Marshal - Collegial

+4673 747 04 73

Marketing Coordinator

Staff Coordinator

Entertainment Coordinator

Sponsorship Coordinator

Event Coordinator