We in LundaEkonomerna want to ensure that all students at LUSEM feel welcome, appreciated, and good about themselves, and above all: that students know that help exists and that we are here to guide you.

Our goal is to ensure that the school offers all kinds of support no matter its nature. We want to ensure that the school meets all requirements and works proactively with support systems in pedagogy, well-being, career service, study guidance, settlement and personal growth. Our mission is therefore to influence the school in all these areas and more.

If you want help, or know someone who needs help, we want you to know that there are instances at Lund University and LUSEM that are there for you.

Student Health Guide.


Your well-being!


Your education.


Your active engagement.



The President strives to ensure that all students involved or not involved receive the same treatment as everybody else. It is the President's task to work proactively in all main areas and ensure development.


Contact: president@lundaekonomerna.se

+46708 20 26 70

Vice President

The Vice President strives for strategic development in all decision-making bodies around the University. LundaEkonomerna's WeCare goals should both influence our own faculty and also centrally based bodies in Lund.


Contact: v.president@lundaekonomerna.se

Educational Affairs Manager

The Educational Affairs Manager ensures that all necessary means are put into the ongoing development at LUSEM. Pushing for better allocated and more resources put into the well-being of the students.


Contact: edu.affairs@lundaekonomerna.se

Internal Relations Manager

The Internal Relations Manager strives to meet all requirements, today's and future, in order to develop LundaEkonomerna. Active engagement should be fun, motivating, and developing, and not affect students' well-being negatively.


Contact: int.rel@lundaekonomerna.se
+46 723 22 00 41


Our Union friend at LE is Student Chaplain Josefin. You can talk to her if you are facing dilemmas in life, if you are down or if you just need someone to talk to. Josefin has a professional obligation to observe absolute confidentiality, talking to her is free of charge and you don’t have to be religious.

Josefin G Andersson


Support functions within the University

If you have any questions about support functions or want to report an issue within the union or the school you can contact int.rel@lundaekonomerna.se or report via an anonymous form that can be found here: https://www.lundaekonomerna.se/concerns/issues/

Student Health Centre

The staff work primarily with psychological problems that affect studies, such as stress, worry, anxiety, depression, transitional issues and/or academic difficulties.

Sandgatan 3
+46 46-22 24 377
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Student Chaplains

Regardless of belief or religion, the student chaplains can support students who need someone to talk to or help. Other services include social activities.

Kyrkogatan 4, 222 22 Lund
046-71 87 00

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Disability Support Services

If you have a disability, for example, dyslexia, a visual impairment, or ADHD, and would like to study at Lund University, they can provide you with support during your studies.

+46 46 222 8681

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Career Services

Interested in learning about working life, discussing career alternatives, finding employment, or other career-related matters?

Holger Crafoord Centre, EC1:133
+46 46 222 78 09

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Study Guidance

Need guidance and information about educational or professional choices from professionals at LUSEM?

Sölvegatan 29 B, Genetikhuset

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Academic Skills Services

Academic Skills Services (ASKS) provides free and confidential learning support, in English, for all students at LUSEM.


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Support functions outside the University


UMO offers support and knowledge about mental health, alcohol and drugs, self-esteem and much more.

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Unga Vuxna

Unga Vuxna is for young adults, who wants support or help with their mental wellbeing. You will get supported in mapping out your life, and potential changes or acceptances you have to make.

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Mind.se is an independent support function for you who consider harming yourself. They offer support over phone or email.

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Tjejjouren offers help to women who needs support or goes trough hard times. They offer support and guidance over phone and social gatherings.

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Hjälplinjen is a part of 1177, offering temporary psychological support over the phone, every day between 13-22.

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