We want to ensure that all students feel welcome, appreciated, and good about themselves, and above all: that students know that help exists and that we are here to guide you.

Our goal is to ensure that the school offers all kinds of support no matter its nature. We want to ensure that the school meets all requirements and works proactively with support systems in pedagogy, well-being, career service, study guidance, settlement and personal growth. Our mission is therefore to influence the school in all these areas and more.

If you want help, or know someone who needs help, we want you to know that there are instances at Lund University and LUSEM that are there for you.


Your well-being!


Your education.


Your active engagement.



The President strives to ensure that all students involved or not involved receive the same treatment as everybody else. It is the President's task to work proactively in all main areas and ensure development.

Vice President

The Vice President strives for strategical development in all decision making bodies around the University. LundaEkonomerna's WeCare goals should both influence our own faculty but also centrally based bodies in Lund.

Educational Affairs Manager

The Educational Affairs Manager ensures that all necessary means are put into the ongoing development at LUSEM. Pushing for better allocated and more resources put into the well-being of the students.

Internal Relations Manager

The Internal Relations Manager strives to meet all requirements, today's and future, in order to develop LundaEkonomerna. Active engagement should be fun, motivating, and developing, and not affect students' well-being negatively.

Support functions within the University

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre focus on problems such as stress, anxiety, procrastination, alcohol related...

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Study Guidance

The Study Guidance Service offers guidance and information when you are in the process of making educational or professional choices...

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Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services supports students who has a disability, for example dyslexia or a visual impairment...

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Career Services

Career Services serve students at the LUSEM who are interested in learning about working life, discussing career opportunities...

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Student Chaplains

Regardless of belief or religion, the student chaplains can support students who go through a personal crisis or needs someone to talk...

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Academic Skills Services

Academic Skills Services provides free and confidential learning support, in English, for all students at LUSEM...

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Other support functions outside the University


UMO offers support and knowledge about mental health, alcohol and drugs, self-esteem and much more.

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Unga Vuxna

Unga Vuxna is for young adults, who wants support or help with their mental wellbeing. You will get supported in mapping out your life, and potential changes or acceptances you have to make.

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Mind.se is an independent support function for you who consider harming yourself. They offer support over phone or email.

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Tjejjouren offers help to women who needs support or goes trough hard times. They offer support and guidance over phone and social gatherings.

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BUP can help you who suffers from anxiety, eating disorders or depression. They can also give advice on how to handle stress and pressure

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Hjälplinjen is a part of 1177, offering temporary psychological support over the phone, every day between 13-22.

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Ongoing work within the Union

LundaEkonomerna believes that every part of the student life must have a sustainable profile, meaning that you as a student shall be able to combine your education with your active engagement in a way that it does not effect your health of well-being negatively.

We strongly believe that your well-being comes first. As a student, you should never suffer from too much stress och pressure, nor loose sleep over exams or projects. Primarily, you should focus on your own well-being; that always comes first!

Secondly, you should prioritise your education. Falling behind can result in stress or worrying, and therefore we want you to know that there are support functions located at LUSEM that can help and guide you. Contact your study advisor if you feel like you need guidance on how to manage the workload.

Thirdly, there are possibilities to engage yourself in the student life. However, this is, and should be, your last priority. Engaging yourself in your Union or Nation is supposed to be fun and give you a social context. We are a learning forum, and should primarily give our students a chance to create their own project or event. However, it should never effect your well-being or you education negatively.

LundaEkonomerna strives to arrange a wide variety of different events, for example sittnings at different nations and at AF Borgen. We work hard to ensure that we offer something for everyone and that everyone feels welcome at our events.

Therefore, it is of utter importance that everyone participating in our sittnings understand that we do not tolerate any kind of unequal treatment, discrimination, bullying, offensive and/or unwelcome treatment, violence or harassment of any kind. We strive for obtaining a welcoming and open sittning culture, but also restricted in the amount of alcohol. 

We are very happy to have two certificates from the IQ project, and we want to continue to work actively with this in order to become even better.

If you have any questions, have experienced/seen something wrong or out of the ordinary, or have ideas on how we can improve, please contact our Social Affairs Manager.


LundaEkonomerna has a zero tolerance when it comes to discrimination, harassment and bullying, both when it comes to the Union’s work but also within the University. No student shall experience any kind of harassment nor bullying, and we work proactively with dealing with this together with our faculty. In addition, we demand that all students are treated equally, regardless of age, disabilities, ethnicity, family status, gender identity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and more.

If a student or teacher acts in a way that subjects any other person to unequal treatment, discrimination, bullying, offensive and/or unwelcome treatment, violence or harassment of any kind, LundaEkonomerna will together with the school act on this in order to ensure that this never happens again.

If you have any questions, or has experienced/seen anything like this, please contact the President of the Union.


LundaEkonomerna believes that good teachers with a high level of pedagogy will strengthen the quality of the education at LUSEM. We also believe that with better pedagogy, teachers can focus on students who are in need of more help or other means of learning than others.

We work hard to ensure that the quality of the education received at LUSEM is as good as possible, and for this, we demand that both the faculty and the university works proactively with pedagogy and adapts to new ways of learning.

We also demand that all students, no matter what prerequisites they may have, shall feel welcome and supported at LUSEM.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Educational Affairs Manager.


One of the biggest issues that LundaEkonomerna sees today is the well-being of the students. Students who do not feel like home, welcome, experiences stress och pressure, anxiety, sleeping problems, alcohol related problems or others need to understand that help exists.

LundaEkonomerna believes that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, and that it is up to the university to meet the required needs. One thing that we therefore strive for is that LUSEM shall hire a curator on full-time that can help students who needs help. We also believe that more financial resources shall be invested in the Student Health Centre, so that more students can get the support that they need and not have to wait in order to receive it.

If you have any questions, please contact the Educational Affairs Manager.


LundaEkonomerna believes that no student shall feel alone, unwelcome or unfairly treated. Unfortunately, there are students who do not know where to turn, and even if they do, the waiting lists are too long.

We therefore believe that more resources must be put into all support functions around the university, both when it comes to health issues but also support in writing and learning.

We want enough resources to be put into these support functions so that no student have to wait until they get the support that they need.

If you have any questions, please contact the Vice President.


LundaEkonomerna believes that education is for everyone, and therefore we strive to ensure that all students shall get the same treatment and prerequisites as everybody else. If a student suffer from any kind of disability, such as for example dyslexia or impaired vision, help and support must be provided in order to ensure that the student get the same chance to learn as everybody else.

We also believe that the school must adapt in its environment to students who has physical disabilities. All facilities must be adapted to wheelchairs and other means so that every student can actively take part in their education.

If you have any questions, please contact the Educational Affairs Manager.


LundaEkonomerna believes that the university must work proactively with all these, and other, topics in order to meet both todays and future requirements. We want to ensure that no student feels alone nor unwelcome, and we want to give every student the chance to receive the best education possible.

We therefore believe that the university must develop by responding and act faster when something happens, and that all necessary measures are taken when handling these issues.