Here above you see our fantastic Collegium, the ones responsible for all committees & projects. If you have any questions regarding the events, want to hear more about an available position or need to deregister from an event, the best thing to do is to contact a Collegial from the committee or project responsible. You find those details through the different committee & project pages.

If you have general questions regarding LundaEkonomerna you should contact All media contact is done through the President – Adam Åberg, who is the sole official spokesperson. Questions regarding your membership is addressed the Communications Manager – Henrik Gustafson. All corporate contacts regarding collaborations is directed to the Corporate Relations Manager, Emil Jakobsson. Educational matters is addressed the Educational affairs manager – Sandra Skilberg.

Adam Åberg



Jakob Bratthall TIdeman

Vice President  


Rebecka Olin



Emil Jakobsson

Corporate Relations Manager


Henrik Gustafson

Communications Manager


Come visit us!

Skånis, the yellow house located on the courtyard of LUSEM, is the home and heart of LundaEkonomerna. It’s a gathering place for all LundaEkonomer. Our six full-time employees from the Board have their offices here and you are always welcome to swing by!


At Skånis you can heat up your lunch, hang out with other students inside or out on the sun-deck, buy some of our merchandise and ask questions about your membership or coming events. Come by if you have any questions or if there’s something that you need help with, we’re always happy to see you!

Make yourself at home!

Visiting Adress

Tunavägen 37
223 63, Lund



Karin Funegård

Internal Relations Manager


Evelina Delsing

Social Affairs Manager


Filip Göthe

Corporate Sales Manager


Sandra Skilberg

Educational Affairs Manager