Equality & Equal treatment

LundaEkonomerna strives for equality and non-discrimination in all of our work and business.


LundaEkonomerna works for equal treatment of all people, according to the seven grounds of discrimination in Swedish law. We strive for making all members feel accepted and welcome to the student union and do not accept discrimination. Our Policy for Equal treatment shall always be followed in all of our work and business. You find it below:

Microsoft Word - Förslag Equal treatment Policy.docx

It is the responsibility of all Project Leaders in the Committees to make sure this policy is followed in their events and the Board’s responsibility that the Policy is followed overall. The Statue states that;

“In particular, it is the duty of the Social Affairs Manager to be responsible for the student union’s strategy within social affairs.”

Equality and equal treatment is a part of social affairs. This means that if you have any questions regarding this you are always welcome to contact the Educational Affairs Manager in the Board directly through edu.affairs@lundaekonomerna.se.