Frequent Asked Questions

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Look at our Recruitment Cycles and find a committee/project that suits you and when they’re looking for new members or project leaders. Then send in your application and get called into an interview. Click on the button to the right to find the Recruitment Cycles.

A student union has to perform educational surveillance by law in order to be a union. Which means making sure the schools offers the best possible education for the students, as well as handling other school-related matters. 

Another thing which is specific for a student union is that it can only organize activities for its members. While nations can arrange events for all members of Studentlund. It’s because of this reason it’s mandatory to be a member of LundaEkonomerna to be able to attend our events.

Unions are also the only ones allowed to orginize career-activities in Studentlund.

No. Therefore, to become a active member is a great oppurtunity to aquire some real-life work experience. All the while having a lot of fun and meeting tons of new people.

They run the daily business of the organization, as well as initiating and working with long term strategic projects of the union. They’re also very friendly and you’re more than welcome to come to Skånis between working hours 10-12 for a chat or a coffee.

It is the highest decision making body of LundaEkonomerna. Much like a parliament, like the one we have in Sweden. This is made up out of members of the union and represent all our members. You can apply to the General Council once a year. Read more about the General Council by clicking on the button the right.

The Collegium is all of the project leaders that run our committees and projects. These are also called Collegial Positions. They are all in a position of trust and have been elected by the General Council or the Board. Read more about Collegial Positions by clicking on the button to the right.

The statute regulates what LundaEkonomerna is and our purpose. Find it by clicking on the button to the right.

Studentlund is the cooperation between all the unions and nations, and Akademiska Föreningen (AF). With the purpose to ensure you can take part of the amazing student life here in Lund. This collaboration enables all parties to create the best student environment for all students at Lund’s University.

The membership fee you pay each semester allocates to one nation, one union and AF.  Read more about Studentlund by clicking on the button on the right.

We strive for a sustainable work environment and school should always be prioritized. But in short, our project leaders work a maximum of 15h per week. And our active members should work much less. However, most importantly: Prioritize your well-being. Secondly, your education. Thirdly, your active engagement.

You can read all about our committees and projects:

Once upon a time, there were several student associations with similar purposes. They figured that they could create great things together, and formed LundaEkonomerna 1994, which became a union 1995.

Yes, you can. But since it requires to do some work, make sure that it suits your lifestyle and that you can keep up with your schoolwork and maintain good health. Prioritize your well-being. Secondly, your education. Thirdly, your active engagement.


The union is required by law to perform educational surveillance and the Education Committee is doing this on a department level. Therefore, we have at least one student representative in each department board who brings forward the students’ opinions. They make sure that your education is as good as possible. Read more about the Education Committee by clicking on the button to the right.

A matter or student issue can be anything connected to the education, for example, opinions regarding the study environment, exams, teachers ability to teach, grading, or sometimes even harassment. These are just some examples, but regardless of what kind of matter it is, LundaEkonomerna will help you to the best of our ability.

Speak Up Days is an event conducted by the Education Committee. Its purpose is to collect the students of LUSEM’s opinions by answering a survey with questions about both the education, study environment and the well-being of the students. The result is then presented to the departments of LUSEM in order to inform them about the state.

We rely on good communication with the faculty and the departments. Therefore, we’re very good at communicating our students’ opinions. Correspondingly the faculty is very interested in what we have to say and we treasure our collaboration highly.