Our Approach.

Future of Case hosts several case solving events during the course of a year; many of these in tight collaboration with LUSEM. The events are open for all students who want to grasp the unique opportunity to become experts in case solving.

Our Mission.

The mission of Future of Case is to educate students in case solving, starting from scratch to becoming experts.

What we're up to.

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About Future of Case

Future of Case, in collaboration with LUSEM, hosts several case solving events during the academic year. The case events range from educational seminars to a large case competition and have the purpose to educate the participants in case solving and aspects related to it. The case events are open for everyone, regardless of the field of your studies.

During the course of a year, the committee hosts several seminars about case solving and also some case solving sessions that trains students in case solving These events lead up to a large case competition, where you get to use the knowledge they have gained during the course of the year. You can attend the competition without taking the training, or attend the seminars and not compete.The case competition ends with a grand gala that you certainly do not want to miss!

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