Get involved

If you ask any student in Lund if they thought it was worth it getting involved - there's no doubt they would say yes. 

The entire student life is based on voluntary efforts. But why work for free? Not do you only get to go to awesome activities as thanks, you will also meet many new people and get to try out your ideas! This is an opportunity for you to try completely new things and to develop your skills and yourself! Being an Active Member of one of LundaEkonomerna’s 29 committees is also a chance for you to take on responsibilities that otherwise only are available after several years in the working life.

In LundaEkonomerna, about 300 students hold a position in our committees and projects every year. Beyond those active members, hundreds of students work as staffers at a great variety of events.

What is the difference between being a Project Leader, Active Member and a Staffer?

All committees & projects have one or two positions of trust, Project Leaders, and also consist of a number of Active Member positions, each running at least one semester up to over a year. As a Project Leader you are responsible for the outcome of the project, for the planning, budget and group dynamics. As an Active Member you have a specific role within the committee/project. The Project Leader role takes up more time than an Active Member role, however all roles are manageable alongside your studies. Some of the committees & projects need help in different ways to carry out their event – that’s is when you have the opportunity to be a staffer. As a staffer you will be available during the event and have clear instructions from the Project Leader or Active Members of what to do. A great chance to meet new people!

Are you interested in something new and exciting outside your studies?


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