The efforts of LundaEkonomerna to improve the education for students at LUSEM commenced in 1995. You can read more about how the organization was formed below.

For many years there had been ongoing discussions about merging the similar economist unions (Efsil and Flie) and Economics Student Council. Year after year, plans were created but for various reasons they fell apart. 1994, however, won the resolve. Around the country there was a tendency to tighten up their areas of interest for economists and compulsory membership at a student union was about to be abolished.

Early in January 1994 a plan was created which would result in a joint association of all economists, which could possibly get a student union status. Lars Isaksson was elected the first president of LundaEkonomerna and guided the work in the spring of 1995, so that the official student union status could be created.

As you can see our story is not that old but EFSIL (Economic Faculty Students in Lund) was founded in 1961 and grew strong in the years that they and FLIE came together and became LundaEkonomerna. FLIE was the international economists’ association. Some of the committees that LundaEkonomerna have today were created during the EFSIL days. One of them is the eee days that was founded in the early 80s and still held in February each year. Nådiga Lundtans predecessor Mammon was the EFSIL members’ magazine.

The early years

Mostly creating a base for the student body to develop marked the first years. The organization changed a lot during the first five years, when LundaEkonomerna renounced membership in the SFS (The Swedish National Union of Students) and elected at the same time to actively work in the cooperation organization SERO (Swedish economist of associations’ Association).

LundaEkonomerna also changed the structure of the board, so it took on more strategic responsibilities rather than operational. An education policy program was created also to clarify LundaEkonomernas’ opinions. In recent years, LundaEkonomerna has expanded full-time fee employees, from including only the president, vice president and treasurer to include head of corporate relations and communicator. The board has expanded from the previous seven to nine.

After 10 years

On June 10th 2009, Parliament decided to abolish compulsory membership in a student union from 1st of July 2010. This is a change of scenery as LundaEkonomerna will endure, but there is still value in the student life that has been protected thanks to the compulsory membership. This places new demands on our hard work.

Same year, LundaEkonomerna became a member of a cooperation called Studentlund. The majority of the student organizations in Lund is a part of this cooperation in order to create a better student lift for students.

Two years later, in 2012, the student union expanded with a new full-time employee who is responsible for the organization’s marketing and maintaining the union’s marketing strategy. This new position allows tocreate a unified marketing strategy that highlights LundaEkonomerna as a whole and make our members receive the right information when it is needed.The same year, LundaEkonomerna also joined The Swedish National Union of Students (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer).