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The core focus of this committee is internationalization and cultural exchanges through events and collaborations, such as the International Week.

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To increase internationalization and engagement from international students

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About the International Committee

The International Committee is a new project introduced in the fall of 2020. The project will give students the possibility to engage in cultural exchanges, and for our union to take the next step in internationalization. The core events of the committee will possibly include cultural days, welcome home events for returning exchange students, lectures with a focus on culture in school and business context, and events targeted to visiting exchange students.

Welcome to Lund!

As an exchange student we know how thrilling everything can be when just arriving in a new place. That’s why The International Committee invites you to the Buddy Program of Spring 2023!

This year the Program will kick off on January 25th. Through it you will have the chance to know Swedish and Lund student culture guided by its local students. You will form part of a group of exchange and LE students for the upcoming semester, and do several activities together. If you want to go out and explore Lund, learn to fika, party at Nations and experience the best student culture, then join us.

Sign up for the best exchange semester!

If you are on an exchange semester for the spring term of 2023, then you are eligible for this program. Once you sign up you will be contacted by the committee and your buddies (guides) before the program starts.

Click on the link to sign up!


What is International Week?

International Week (IW) is an exchange project created by IWCO (International Week Coordinating Organization) where participating universities in Asia and Europe each host a week once a year where students from other schools come and visit. In return, the schools get to send their own students to participate in other IWs for almost completely free!

How does it work?

The IWs are run and organized by students. For LUSEM that means us, the International Committee! Once a year, we plan and execute a week of fun activities for the incoming students and as a result, you as a Lundaekonom, are able to sign up for the other IWs! 

Normally, the host university accepts 1-2 students from each school. However, which applicants they choose is up to them! The chosen applicants pay for their own transportation to and from the place but are offered free accommodation by staying with a host family or student and participate in the activities for free! The activities relate to 4 dimensions: social, cultural, academic and business.

How to apply?

Whenever the signup opens for a new IW we post a link to an application form on our Instagram story (@intc.le) and on the events list on the Lundaekonomerna website. After that you may be contacted by our International Affairs Manager to send in further information depending on the university! 

Apply as a host for Lund International Week:

This year, we will be hosting our IW during May 12th-18th! As a host, you are responsible for providing accommodation for one of the visiting students. This means the student will be living with you and in order to be a host you must therefore have the ability to comfortably house a stranger in your home for the entire week. 

Being a host means you get to participate in all the amazing IW activities for free! These activities include things like sittnings at nations, parties, various company visits and other social and cultural events. Although you, of course, do not have to be present for all of the activities, we do expect that you are able to participate in at least some! International Week is a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world and help us show them what an amazing place Lund is.

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more updated information on when and how to apply!

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