Our Approach.

Welcome to LE Case and Consulting Club (LECCC)! Our club is renowned as the place where strategic thinking converges with practical problem-solving. We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between LUSEM students and the Consulting Industry with essential tools, knowledge, workshops, and resources needed to excel in the consulting world.

Our Mission.

We are dedicated to providing a dynamic and driven atmosphere for students passionate about building and honing their analytical skills to tackle challenges through consulting. Our passion
revolves around problem-solving and a commitment to excellence in which we strive to create a tangible difference for our students, academic community and beyond!

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About LE Case and Consulting Club

At LE Case and Consulting Club, we aim to immerse ourselves in the consulting world in which we aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. We accomplish this by hosting workshops, case nights and competitions that equip students within our faculty with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze business problems and develop
actionable strategies.

Not only do we aim to sharpen students’ analytical skills, but we also prioritize collaboration and teamwork among students. By working together in diverse teams, our students aim to leverage each other’s strengths, foster creativity, and cultivate a supportive environment where every individual can contribute and grow. Our committee also strongly engages with distinguished professors, alumnis and experts in the field of consulting to receive valuable feedback and expand our network.

Ultimately, our mission is not only to build the next generation of strategic thinkers and problem-solvers but also to make a meaningful impact on our students within our faculty.

Whether you are still starting to learn more about the field of consulting, are an expert or if you have no prior knowledge of the field, LECCC offers a supportive and enriching environment where you can learn, grow and make an impact.

–  Immerse Ourselves in the World of Consulting

By hosting workshops, case nights and case competitions, we provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the field of consulting and gain practical experience.

– Sharpen Analytical Skills

Through these activities, we aim to sharpen students’
analytical skills, enabling them to analyze business problems effectively and develop
actionable strategies.

– Promote Collaboration and Teamwork

We prioritize collaboration and teamwork among students, fostering an environment where they can work together in diverse teams, leverage each other’s strengths, and cultivate creativity.

– Engage with Distinguished Professors and Alumunis

Our committee actively engages with distinguished professors and alumni which aids in promoting our students’ learning. Additionally, we aim to provide our students the opportunity and expand their network by engaging with alumni.

Meet the Team

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