Our Approach.

LE Choir was initiated by a group of people who loved to sing. Invited to sing at their first sittning, the choir soon made a name out of themselves and has since then been an obvious choice at all types of events.

Our Mission.

LE choir has a mission to spread joy by singing and performing at all types of different events within LundaEkonomerna.

What we're up to.

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About LE Choir.

The choir has been up and running for two years. Today, we proudly present the official LE Choir, LundaEkonomernas newest project that hopefully will bring even more joy and entertainment to your events.

LundaEkonomerna has it all. The LE Choir is a true example of that. A group of amazingly talented people who can sing together at events. The LE Choir will give you goosebumps.

Meet the Team

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