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Every year Lund University invites carefully selected business students from foreign universities to visit Lund and experience the student life for one week. This week will also give the students a taste of the employment prospects available in our greatly entrepreneurial region.

Our Mission.

The purpose is also to develop a fruitful network, which promotes exchange.

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About Lund International Week.

LIW both give the chance for Members of LundaEkonomerna to go on amazing trips to other host cities, but also arrange one ourselves. Japan, Holland and Belgium are just some examples of places our Members have visited. In April we’re going to host one in Lund.

Within IW-CO over 25 countries and universities are involved from all around the world, everyone with the same goal and purpose; to support intercultural relations, to strengthen transnational co-operations and to create opportunities for long-term associations between students from different parts of the world.

The Istanbul IW takes place between the 4th to 12th July 2019.


What you get:

Go on an exotic shopping spree at the Grand Bazaar
Enjoy a traditional Turkish bath
Experience a Turkish night through music and dance
Taste the delicious local cuisine
Visit local companies
Free accommodation – pay only for your flight tickets!


Apply before the 11th of April.

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The Slovenia IW takes place between the 4th and 11th July 2019.


What you get:

A visit to the gorgeous Lake Bled
Trip to the Slovenian coast, known for its sandy beaches, fancy cafes, volleyball courts and delicious seafood
Visits to three companies
Explore Soča River’s beauty
Wander the cobbled streets of Ljubljana
Pay only for your flight tickets – accommodation is free!


Apply before the 26th April.

Apply now!

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