Lund University Student Unions


There are eight faculties at Lund University and nine student unions in Lund. Each student union is associated to a faculty, except the Lund Doctoral Student Union that works cross-border for doctoral students. Together the nine student unions make the umbrella organinzation Lund University Student Unions (LUS).

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LUS works  as a gathered voice of all students at Lund University and a platform for questions regarding educational policies that affects the students in Lund. If you want to read more, get in contact or read documents you can do it here (only in Swedish unfortunately.) From LundaEkonomerna the Vice President normally represents the student union.

Furthermore LUS provides other businesses as well, which you can find below. LUS appoints posts within these businesses and student representatives at the different decision-making parts of the University & the University’s subsidary activities (eg. Gerdahallen).  So keep an eye out on this webpage to see which posts are available now to run for.


Subsidary business

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