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Our articles range from economic topics such as international trade, to more general ones, such as sustainability or current events happening in Lund. We also have a proud history of interviewing public figures.

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The editorial team of Nådiga Lundtan aim to engage and enlighten the students at the LUSEM.

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About Nådiga Lundtan.

Nådiga Lundtan is LundaEkonomerna’s very own student Magazine, consisting of five reporters, one marketing coordinator, one editor-to-be Editor in Chief, and one Editor in Chief. In our Magazine, we cover everything from the student life here in Lund, economic and political issues, current news, tips and advice on different themes, recipes, and much more. We strive to cover the best of the student life in Lund, by being a communication channel between different programs and students, as well as create a sense of unity between all students at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Nådiga Lundtan’s writers and reporters have much freedom regarding their texts which is why the magazine consists of varying and interesting articles. Economy, politics, student life, and culture are just a few topics. The magazine reaches over 3 000 students and approximately 200 companies and organizations.

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