LundaEkonomerna aims to make your time at LUSEM as valuable as humanly possible. We host the most events of any Student Union per year – and they’re top class. You won’t find a better student life than the one with LundaEkonomerna!

If you want to get involved with our activities and operations we have about 250+ positions recruiting during a year. It isn’t just a great experience for your future career and a good place to find new friends, it’s also insanely fun!


Anyone who studies at Lund School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) can become a member of LundaEkonomerna!


How to Become a Member

Once you’ve been accepted as a student at Lund University, please register as a member on studentlund.se. For more information on registration and how the membership fee is paid, click here. You can only join Studentlund when you have received a valid acceptance letter.

If you’re already a member of Studentlund renew your membership by paying with Swish or credit card on studentlund.se. If you have questions regarding your membership fee, please primarily contact your nation. If you have a new address you can change it on studentlund.se. If you can’t log in to your account please contact us or your nation.

If you’ve been admitted to LUSEM but previously has been studying something else, you need to change your student union to LundaEkonomerna. That’s a good thing! This can only be done by our Communications Manager, click here to contact us. You’ll have to do this before paying your membership fee for the semester.

→ Registration at studentlund.se

→ Payment of fee by Swish or credit card.

→Certificate of Payment available

→ Go to a Nation and get registered (learn about the nations here)

Registration Process Completed.

Digital card available < 2 hours



We are members of Studentlund

Studentlund is the whole Student life gathered in one membership. Studentlund consists of all the nations, the Academic Society (AF), and the student unions.

When you become a member of Studentlund you get access to a social community and cultural events. You also get the opportunity to influence your education, establish contacts with the labor market, access housing queues, and much more.

One membership – the entire student life

A membership in Studentlund gives a student at LUSEM an automatic membership in LundaEkonomerna.