The Vieri Project

Our mission is to show the union's gratitude by thanking all the active members for their dedicated work for LundaEkonomerna

What we do

The work of the Vieri Project


The Vieri Project is responsible for all the internal events in LundaEkonomerna. The project’s most important mission is to thank the active members for all the time and effort they put in their work for the union. The committee plans future events, both big and small, to show the union’s gratitude towards the passion our active members show in their engagement for LundaEkonomerna. This is done by creating a social platform for active members where they can integrate between the three different legs. By giving the active members space to get creative, share ideas and knowledge with each other, new bonds and relationships can be formed – which is one of the goals with the Project.

If you want to know more about the committee or the work we do, please feel free to contact our Project Leader or the committee members!

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To display the union's gratitude

For the active members of Lundaekonomerna

During the year of operations, the committee plans and executes both small, as well as big, events for the active members in LundaEkonomerna. A recurring concept is the “Active Members Day”. This is a whole day of fun devoted to the unions active members- a day where they are given a chance to get to know new people also active in LundaEkonomerna, and most importantly, to have a really great time in true LE-spirit. The Active Members Days are held both in the fall and in the spring. Last fall, event planning was taken to new levels by introducing “Active Members Night”. An extension of the day into a night of fun where all active members could meet again. We danced, laughed and sang and enjoyed the life of being a LundaEkonom!

The Grand Finale

A final thank you to the active members

The Astro gala is the biggest event of The Vieri Project. It is an annual black-tie gala held in the end of the spring semester on a secret location, for the active members of LundaEkonomerna. It is the grand finale of thanking active members for the hard work during the year! Previous years have been amazing nights filled with entertainment, dancing, good food and familiar spirit, and next year will be no exception. 

Want to be a part of the Astro Gala? The Vieri Project needs staffers to help out! Stay tuned on our instagram to see when we’re recruiting The Vieri Angels!



Become a Vieri Angel

A perfect entrance into LundaEkonomerna

Are you not an active member of LundaEkonomerna but still want to be part of our events? No problem!

The events we arrange would be nothing without our staffers, the Vieri Angels, and we are looking for new people to join our team. Help us out at AMD or the Astro gala and make memories for life!

Not only will you be part of an awesome team, being a Vieri angel also gives you the opportunity to mingle with every committee in the union- maybe you’ll find one you want to be part of?

No previous experience is required, just bring your best mood!

The staff application for Active Members Day has now closed, but we’ll soon need your help for next semester’s edition!

A word from our Project Leader!

Meet Matilda Eklund, the project leader of the Vieri Project! She is currently studying her third semester in International Business, ready to take the work of thanking active members to the next level.

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In short

When I first left my hometown of Gothenburg and came to Lund a year ago, I was so impressed by LundaEkonomerna and knew immediately I wanted to be a part of and contribute to it. I started off in the Education Committee, working for student rights, and as a Task force member of the eee-days, planning events. During my first year I learned a lot about our union, what it means to be a part of it and what an amazing work active members do. Now, I am honoured to be the project leader of the Vieri Project! I am thrilled  that I get to develop events and create concepts to thank and unite the active members together with my committee!

The mission

The Vieri Project is responsible for all the internal events in LundaEkonomerna. The most important mission is to thank the active members for all the time and effort they put in their work for the union, and to create a platform for active members to get together as one big family, share ideas, creativity and knowledge with each other, and form new bonds and relationships across committees. We are a union with the united mission to create value for our members. Without the active members LundaEkonomerna wouldn’t be what it is today, and for that we will always be grateful.

Want to get engaged with The Vieri Project?

There are several ways you can get engaged with The Vieri Project. Although the new Vieri-team of 2018/2019 was recruited in the beginning of HT18 we will on a continuous basis recruit staffers for the different events that we arrange. Being a staffer is a great way to get involved in the union and get a taste of what being an active member is like- maybe you’ll discover it’s exactly your thing!

If you have any questions or want further information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

This year is going to be spectacular, so keep an eye on us…


Matilda Eklund

Members of The Vieri Project

Matilda Eklund
Project Leader - Collegial


Felicia Cederberg
Staff Coordinator


Anna Nilsson
Activity Coordinator


Johan Larsson
Event Coordinator