The eee-days is the largest career fair for Business, Economics and IT-students in the nordic region. Annually arranged by LundaEkonomerna at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The 33rd edition of eee-days will be held during 22th-23th of February, 2017. With surrounding concepts and events aiming for interaction, eee is more than just a career fair. We offer the ultimate platform for your journey towards recruitment.


We will do everything we can to take you closer to your career!
With numerous events surrounding the actual fair, eee is the most complete career event at any university in Scandinavia!

During the two-days-fair around 75 exhibiting companies from different line of business will market themselves as attractive employers for the students of LUSEM. The majority of teaching lectures and exams are moved so that every student will be able to attend. Throughout the year, the committee works hard to spread awareness and prepare you for the fair, so keep your eyes open!

Career Interviews
Before the fair we also offer all students to apply for career interviews with a large number of companies. This means that the exhibiting companies get to choose students from their own criteria to sit down with and talk about career opportunities. A great way to get to know and maybe get a foot into your dream company!

By tradition, we always end the fair with a spectacular banquet. StoraSalen in AF-borgen is filled with 450 guests, both students and company representatives. The night will end with a magnificent afterparty with great music and a massive dance floor where all Members of LundaEkonomerna are allowed to attend!

eeeBoost is a concept created to boost the students and prepare them for the upcoming fair. This day is filled with inspiring lectures, fun activities and useful tips directly from our main sponsors. You will also be given the opportunity to have a CV/LinkedIn-photo taken, get a new haircut, make sure your CV is professional and that you have practiced your interview skills.

To maximise the visitors experience eee offers all LundaEkonomer a wide range of inspiring and exciting lectures during the fair days. From unconventional entrepreneurs to top bankers and celebrities our Speakers Coordinator strives to get the speakers that you want hear to Lund!

A day at the fair can be amazing but also very exhausting for both companies and students. However we feel that interaction and finding new career opportunities shouldn’t end after the fair closes. Therefore, after the first day of fair, we invite an exclusive group of companies to attend eeeConnect together with a limited amount of students to interact under more relaxed circumstances. Company representatives and students together compete in fun games and challenges to get to know each other on a more personal level.

The history of eee

eee2017 will be the 33rd edition of the amazing fair

History of eee
Many of you may wonder why our career fair is called the eee-days. Well, here you will be given the answer! eee stands for EfsilEkonomernas Ekonomdagar, the predecessor of todays LundaEkonomerna. In 1984 EfsilEkonomerna recognized a need for a new forum where companies and student could meet, and since then the eee-days has been one of the most important events at Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM). Ever since, eee is arranged annually and the edition of 2017 is the 33rd. This means that eee is older than the student union itself!


A word from our Project Leader

Jonna Lindell is the Project Leader of eee2017 and together with the Vice Project Leader Nico Huovilainen they run the project with energy, professionalism and a modern leadership.

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Who is Jonna Lindell?

I am a passionate LundaEkonom and the current Project Leader of eee2017. My journey in LundaEkonomerna started when I as a novice applied for a position in the eee-committee. I thought it was a long-shot since I understood that the project was very large and serious and I was only a novice new to Lund and LundaEkonomerna. To my great surprise I was given the position and learned that everything is possible in LundaEkonomerna. Since then my advice to all new students is:

Never hesitate to get involved in extra-curricular projects!

What about the project?

It feels amazing that the journey towards eee2017 has finally really begun. With an amazing Vice Project Leader and Committee, I am confident that eee2017 will be the best career fair ever seen! The autumn will be full of exciting challenges and I am really looking forward to every day together with the team of eee2017.

How can I get engaged with eee?

There are many ways you can get engaged with eee. Having recruited an amazing group of students as our Committee and Task Force we are now looking forward to opening up the Staff application for eee2017. This is great way to try your wings in LundaEkonomerna and work with preparations for the one of the biggest student career fairs in the Nordics. Our Staff team comprises of approximately 150 people that will work with the nuts and bolts of the fair itself. We have roles for everyone, we need everything from drivers, lunch staffers to corporate hosts. This is a great way to get a little extra contact with the companies and meet new people!

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committee members

This amazing group of people are the ones making eee2017 come true!
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Jonna Lindell
Project Leader - Collegial

+4670 867 28 66

Nico Huovilainen
Vice Project Leader - Collegial

+4672 201 12 65

Carl Ryttmarker
Company Relations Coordinator


Daniel Zidén
Company Relations Coordinator


Louise Arvidsson
Company Relations Coordinator


Johanna Tegelström
Communications Coordinator


Johanna Carlsson
Events Coordinator


Lina Cronquist
Events Coordinator


Julia Borrebaeck
Marketing Coordinator


Agnes Ekfors Elvin
Speakers Coordinator


Olivia Johnsson
Sponsoring Coordinator


Samuel Spjuth
Staff Coordinator


Pelle Ekedahl
Fair Coordinator

+4673 023 12 50

Oliver Fyrner
Finance Coordinator


Camilla Modén
Information Coordinator