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The Education committee works with the core activity of LundaEkonomerna: surveillance of the education. We do this through representing the students of LUSEM while also making sure that everyone is treated in line with their student rights.

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We do everything in our power to improve your education here at LUSEM.

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About the Education Committee

We continuously work with the surveillance of the education at LUSEM which is the core activity of LundaEkonomerna. This means attending LUSEM:s board meetings, hosting Speak Up Days, recruiting student agents and handling student issues. All of these tasks are done with a common objective, namely to optimize the educational standard as well as making sure that every individual is treated in line with their student rights. For more information about the respective tasks and how they are carried out please see the specific tabs.

The Education Committee consists of student representatives that together surveils the educational matters at each department of LUSEM. Every representative has been given a spot and therefore also a voting right at the board meetings of each respective department. After these board meetings are held key elements of the discussions are brought up at the Education Committee’s own meetings. The purpose of this approach is to make sure that the students are a part of every important decision that is being made by each respective department.

It is our passion, and responsibility, to support the students at LUSEM and improve the education. We work everyday with educational surveillance and collaborate with LUSEM to make your university experience the best possible. In order to do this, we need your help. Have you experienced an issue or faced something within your education that is not optimal? Let us know and we will handle the issue for, or together with you.

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