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The Education Committee works with the core activity of LundaEkonomerna: surveillance of the education. Our mission is to educate, inform and improve all aspects of your education.

Our Mission.

We do everything in our power to improve your education here at LUSEM.

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About the Education Committee.

The committee consists of representatives for the Bachelor program, Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, Informatics, Business Law, Economic History, International Bachelor Program and International & Master. Each representative has a seat at the board of the department they represent and there they get the opportunity to discuss the perspectives of the students regarding the education. After these board meetings are held key elements of the discussions are brought up at the Education Committee’s own meetings. The purpose of the representatives is to ensure that students are a part of all important decisions that are made about their education.

We are proud of the fact that our committee have members that all strive for a better education. We work closely together and use the input from all students of LUSEM to communicate with teachers, professors and the institutions’ boards. With this close relationship that has been built throughout the years, most of the problems that a student will face, can easily be solved. Our aim is to continuously strengthen the relationship between the school and the students.

Every Thursday evening, the Education Committee invites you to a study night at EC. If you have an exam or a hand-in assignment that needs to be done, why not do this together with friends over a nice cup of coffee.

The Education Committee will bring fika, and you bring your homework.

See you there.

It is our passion, and responsibility, to support the students at LUSEM and improve the education. We work everyday with educational surveillance and collaborate with LUSEM to make your university experience the best possible. In order to do this, we need your help. Have you experienced an issue or faced something within your education that is not optimal? Let us know and we will handle the issue for, or together with you.

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